The view outside my window

Flowers swoon
In the monsoon melody
I loose count of time

This is the view outside my window right now . And I can just sit for hours looking at it , admiring  the emerald leaves and the lilac flowers , whose color change with each passing day. When they bloom  they are dark psychedelic purple and as the sunlight fall on them they change to orchid and  pink . And to a faint whitish  pink in just a few days .

When the air sways them they dangle on the branches like a group of giggling girls ready to be shooed away . Sometimes they just hang quietly on the slender branches , waiting for the jilted lover to come and embrace them . When the hurried breeze come they jostle and sing a song in hushed voice . The  butterflies and bees come looking for nectar , even the humming birds hum  and they embrace them shyly .


On a windy day when my windows rattle they  oscillate in a perfect harmony , dancing to the tune of nature’s orchestra . And when the showers of monsoon magic come they smile , get doused in their love and embrace them with passion . When they leave the branches , they still  lie in the path silently welcoming a new day and still spreading  smile to the passers-by.

Sharing this with OSI , Write Tribe and Haiku Heights


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