The path of Freedom !


The path of freedom

An arduous journey

Hopes Dreams Equality

Evolve and Improve

A never ending quest

Yesterday we  were celebrating our 67th independence day . It was a day to remember the sacrifices and atrocities  which our brave soldiers withstood so that we can breathe in free air . That time the people of India fought together to free themselves from the British Raj .

Being World’s largest democracy now has this freedom need to be retrospected ?? What is the significance of freedom today ?

Freedom is  of thoughts and actions , to be yourself , to dream  and to realize whatever you want to be in your life , writer , painter ,singer , dancer and not getting bogged down by the rules of society .

For me freedom is to roam in the night without worrying  that there are people lurking in the corners looking to attack you .

Freedom is to dance as nobody is watching , not to be labeled by the society’s parameters.

Freedom is to let choose a girl / boy whatever they want to be in their life and not to differentiate by our own moral standards .

Freedom is to be reasonable and responsible for our actions  , with freedom also comes restrain , without restrain freedom can go berserk. Freedom is to live and let live , not to differentiate by caste , creed or religion .

Freedom is to be proud by our achievements and deeds but not getting glorified by our inheritance.

Freedom is to get the work done without standing in the queue and not by paying bribe .

Freedom is of knowledge being available to the common man . Freedom is to have a good night sleep and looking forward to the new day with an invigorating enthusiasm .

I think we still have a long way to go …………………………………………………………….

Happy Independence day folks ! May we achieve independence in our thoughts and actions !

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6 thoughts on “The path of Freedom !

  1. Self determination is the first step. The many more steps to achieve a nation’s goals takes much more than a lifetime. Sadly other nations often falter, let’s hope India continues on its democratic course

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