A journey to Hampi


Buried in pages of time
Rising Like a phoenix
My scars tell million Fables

This is the most famous chariot from the ruins of Hampi in the Vittala temple Complex . Some journeys are made for rejuvenation , some for fun and some for your soul . And this was surely for my soul . Standing amidst these ruins we are transformed in an era which makes you retrospect , gazing in that time where life was about survival yet so enriched in art and culture . My heart swells with pride to see these ruins . They are an architecture marvel , representing such a rich heritage of our country and also the relentless pursuits of human spirit to reach the zenith .

On the way  we saw thousand sunflowers dancing merrily . We could feel the crispness in the air.

Sky and Sunflower




The carvings in the black marble at the Hazar Ram temple , Depicting thousand scenes from the Ramayana , was amazing .


This is the lotus Mahal  , located between the dwellings of King and queen where they would come and meet . The scented water infused with saffron and Kewda would be filled from the top and it will trickle down to all its columns and make it cool in the summer and  release fragrance. Quite intriguing , is n’t it ?Hampi_Heritage-22


The overview  of Hampi  City at dusk . The remnants of our glorious past and hope the future is more promising !



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