Let us be more sensitive towards children !


Holy Spirit rises 

Battered , Choked

Can it find love again ?

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day . The word suicide has bought back a flood of memories . I grew up in SAIL CITY ,Bokaro  . Bokaro has a very cosmopolitan outlook as  people from all corners of India are residing here  . Being a planned city where people are mostly working in the steel plant it has a very homogeneous society .  Education is the main focus of people here and due to its engineering background , I remember 90% ( trying to be liitle pessimistic here ) of parents and children aspired to become one of them . I remember my father’s colleagues or my neighbors visiting us and the main topic of discussion would be the Board exam result , IIT jee result etc. It was so annoying . My father has always been a very progressive man and he never forced his decision on us .

But it was disheartening to see that many of my friends and juniors had to suffer because they were pressurized to perform or choose a stream which they never wanted to study . Why we attach so much importance to grade , marks , rank  or any profession ? In trying to choose a safe career don’t we kill the creativity of our children ?  I remember I opted for  Industrial Engineering when I got admitted into BIT Sindri , a state level college of high reputation.Many of my friends had asked me why not computer science or electronics ? I was clear that I wanted to study that field . We were group of eight girls from Bokaro who were studying in Sindri . Deepika ( Name changed)  was one of them and I remember that she never used to sleep whenever we had exams . Her eyes will be blood shot and she will be roaming with a book like a lunatic.

I failed to comprehend why she will study so hard . One day while we were waking up , we came to know that Deepika’s sister has committed suicide as she scored only 78 % in her board exams and not 90 % as everybody in the family wanted her to do so . Her face came flashing in front of me . She was such a timid and shy girl with a faint smile and eyes which were in search of warmth.

The matter was hushed affair . It was evident that she was suffering from depression . Everybody  in the family and her classmates , teachers expected her to outperform others but she could only score that much , a distinction but not appreciated by the people around her . What could have gone into her mind that made her take such drastic step ?

She was found hanging in her room with her dupatta . In the morning when the family came to know about it , it was too late . Why we are so insensitive to our own children ? Why we are unable to understand the distress signals ? Why we cannot go and tell them that you have done spectacular ? Why we cannot hug them tightly and tell them to be whatever they want and not force our decisions on them ?

Suicide in children and teenagers can be prevented only when the parents , teachers and the surrounding provide a safe and healthy environment . Let us not overload our aspiration and dreams on them . Let them do whatever they want , take them into confidence , have a friendly and sensitive approach towards them . Life has endless possibilities and it should not be guided by the narrow parameters of our own constricted thinking.

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2 thoughts on “Let us be more sensitive towards children !

  1. It is just not right to have unrealistic expectations from children. It is hard to comprehend the pressure a young life experiences simply because the parents wants them to excel in academics/sports etc.It is a life of fear, sadness and low self-esteem to know that their best efforts might never be good enough for the parents – that they, in fact, are not good enough for their parents. Truly tragic and sad!

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