If Only You Were Here

A fascination

Lost in  time , Her essence

Buried in my soul  , Forever


I remember the first day when I was admitted to a new school in Class 3  at Dhanbad . The principal happened to be my grandfather’s friend . Those time admissions to any school never used to be a daunting task . After clearing all the formalities I was ushered by my class teacher to my new class . I was wearing a white frock with pink ruffles  . I still did not have my school dress and it was ok to wear colored dress for few days .

She was looking at me with her inquisitive smile , her large brown eyes constantly peering at me with warmth .  In the lunch time when I was eating my snacks  alone as I was too shy to go to anyone she came towards me and offered me her lunch , ” Do you want some puris ?” and I was taken aback by her sweet voice . I gladly accepted and our friendship started . Her name was Priyanka and she became my confidante .A friendship that is not judged or led by narrow thinking of so called grown-ups , innocence which can touch heart and smile that can fade all the miseries in oblivion.

Priyanka was my first brand ambassador, rooting for me to become class Monitor , saving the last morsel of tasty food for me , clapping first and till last even for the most insignificant achievement ,her dainty fingers never pained and her words always singing hymns of praise in front of others . One day , when school got over , I and my brother sat on the rickshaw to come to home , she climbed back saying that she wants to come to my home with me . I got down and asked where is her driver who comes to pick her from the school. And she replied that her parents are out of town and she already told his driver to come and pick her from my home .

I was naive  and did not have any option but to believe her  . My mother was surprised to see that first time I have got a school friend to home.She asked me about her and I told her the whole story . Ours was a joint family with uncle , aunts , grandparents and a host of other relatives who will come dropping by . My mother gave supper to me and Priyanka . She even wore my blue polka dotted dress and we started playing in the parapet roof .

In the mean time her driver came and after not finding her in the school and of course searching in the class , cafeteria, playground etc panicked and went home to report that she is missing . Her parents got cold feet and rushed to school . The principal , teachers everybody assembled in the school . And soon police also came . In the evening a  vehicle was hired to make the announcement of her missing from the school . We had a hotel in the town and one of my uncle heard the announcement . Dhanbad is a district town and it was 80’s , a time where consumerism has not driven out our social values and in every street there were people whom we had known for years.  When my uncle heard the announcement he was startled as he knew that this is the school where we studied .

Late evening when he came for some errand he was surprised to see Priyanka . He asked about her whereabouts and then told the missing story to my mother . My mother was shocked to hear that and they became confident that the missing girl is none but priyanka . Everybody went to the school , her parents were informed and soon they came to the school .I was too small to even understand what would have gone in her parent’s mind when they would have found her missing.

Next day She came to the school , her demeanor like a placid lake as if nothing had happened . A year passed where we laughed , teased each other , made fun of others ,shared food .  I was a sincere child always doing my work on time, listening attentively to the teachers . At the end of term when the results were announced I came second in the class. Priyanka kept clapping for me and stopped only when she was reminded by our teacher .  In arguments she will be the first person to support me , the only one who will keep staring at me for any performance as if she is start-struck for life. I failed to understand her unflinching support and her affection .

In the next term I moved to Bokaro and she also moved to Jamshedpur as her father got a transfer . And we lost touch and I lost my first best friend , a friendship that can fill anyone’s heart with joy, a friendship which would have blossomed in a life long relation if it would have continued . She would have been my soul-sister , my BFF , my confidante IF ONLY YOU WERE HERE ,  IF ONLY YOU WERE HERE

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8 thoughts on “If Only You Were Here

  1. It’s nostalgic, emotional and remind us of our beautiful stories as children. We are innocent yet so genuine and full of love. You know what? I have a similar story and I am following u:) Friendship is what make our heart so beautiful:)

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