Amidst books


She comes hurriedly. There are drops of sweat on her forehead. She occupies the corner stool. And picks one of her favorite book. She immerses herself in the world of fables. Trying to forget her pain, she keeps reading on. The images of doctors , nurses keep flashing in her mind . But she moves on.

PS : Books are our best of friends. They never fail us . A good book listen and talk to us . Our pain subsides when we are in the company of a good book . This piece was written to highlight the importance of books in our lives and the divine intervention it offers when we are in grief.

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12 thoughts on “Amidst books

  1. How true, when we read we enter another world and live others lives and discover other worlds. When I was a boy my mother worked in a library and I was allowed to read books from the adult section and later one of my daughters was also a librarian. Our family have always grown up with books.

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