Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.

It was yet another trip. A trip to the eastern coast of India.The trip which we had planned and itineraries booked well in advance. My hubby Amit and son Atharv had never been to that part of India, the east coast , the land of Sun temple and beautiful beaches , Puri and Konark. Having witnessed some of the best beaches in the world , I still wanted to go there . It was a pull which I was feeling in my heart, may be some cosmic connection with the place.
I also had a valid reason that Puri was easy to reach from both Bokaro and Bangalore. So, with all the expectations we reach Puri . I was so happy to see my parents; they had just reached few hours back. We had booked in a beautiful resort, the rooms overlooking the bay of Bengal. I was delighted to see the glee on my son’s face when he heard the thundering of waves. And it was such a treat to see the love on my parent’s face to see Atharv.                                                                                                                                                                        Puri was the same place where I had witnessed the sea for the first time and I was same age as my son when I first came with my parents. Memories came flooding by, the building of sand castles, running with my dad along the shore and tasting all the snacks which the Puri beach offers. And now I was walking with my Dad and son, hand in hand, I was overawed. It was surreal and realized that life has indeed come to a full circle. The next four days were one of the best days which I had witnessed in this year with the presence of three most important men in my life .We ran on the beach , went for long walks , built castles and watched the rolling waves till our eyes got tired and body ached to sleep. The myriad vista of people selling different kinds of seashells, conchs, artifacts and the various cart-pullers offering hot snacks adds to the enigma of the place .These are the memories which came rushing by , enticing the strings of my heart.  Life is indeed beautiful when you can share them with their loved ones.

It is not just the place but the presence of people around you which makes any trip memorable. And yes words of Hemingway do echoed in my mind “Never to go on trips with anyone you do not love.” And to add always go on trips with someone whom you love the most.

Sharing some of the snaps from the trip.



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6 thoughts on “Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.

  1. awesome pics ma’am….i was also der few months ago….ur pics made me recall some of da best moments of ma lyf…….:)

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