Conditions Apply

holding hands

I am what I am

Not the one you want to see

I come with my own

Light and darkness

And that’s what makes me apart

Friendship is pious and unconditional

The sacred thread that binds two souls

A beacon in the dark alleys

Illuminating the treacherous path of life

Don’t tag with Conditions Apply

PS : Some thoughts on friendship and relations . Sometimes we overburden our lives with our expectations and ideologies and make our life complicated . Why is that we always tag our relationship with our preconceived notions . Let us be uncomplicated and veer towards love and happiness. If you want to call somebody , call them now , don’t wait for them to call you back , if you want to say I love you , do it now .If you have done something wrong say it now and say that you regret it.


I am also down with fever and cold , need your warm words and some TLC 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Conditions Apply

  1. I like your simple mantra , if you want to call someone do it immediately do not wait for them to do so else time will run out.Life is at times simple and we complicate it with tags and egos. neat , simple and to the point write-up.

  2. Oh that’s beautifully expressed in 55 words! I believe in the same philosophy too… miss somebody- simply call, have questions—simply ask….Why complicate life!!
    Take care and get well soon! 🙂

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