The Prisoner’s tale


In the darkest cells

They are kept away

Entrapped and captured

Their spirit wounded


They long for their families

And for the warmth of their homes

The touch of their loved ones

And home cooked food


Their pain is inconsolable

Their dreams chained

The heart is bleeding

And the cries gagged.


They whine in solitude

For the clear skies and blue moon

The birds that sing the most sweet songs

Are the one  soaring high in the sky

Sharing this with Theme Thursday and Poetry Jam


PS : A thought passed into my mind that how we enjoy freedom , a privilege to do what we want  and roam without any hindrance. But the prisoners , guilty or guiltless , kept and trapped in those darkest cells are subjected to an enormous pain and atrocities. This poem empathizes with those unprivileged people.


3 thoughts on “The Prisoner’s tale

  1. Truly said Sweta! Rightly or wrongly they have as much rights to be given access. Given their status there are limitations of course but still! Nicely penned!


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