An unexpected Visitor


Last week I went to Chennai for some family need. My cousin lives there with his wife and son. His house was located in a quiet street in the city with beautiful trees lining all around.

A very cozy house , my sister-in-law had beautifully decorated her house. After night’s sleep when I woke up , my sister-in-law was making tea for all of us . And suddenly I hear a very loud sound coming from the kitchen window. The sound looked so familiar . Suddenly a cute squirrel pops out and look at my sister-in-law with gentle eyes. My sister-in-law takes out few groundnuts and almonds and keep at the window altar . The squirrel nibbles on the nuts and takes the remaining with her. My  sister-in-law remarks that yesterday I forgot to gave her food and she was hollering from morning. And I smile at her seeing the unexpected visitor.

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4 thoughts on “An unexpected Visitor

  1. There are a few people who can almost talk to a squirrel…There is one girl in Penn state university. They are called squirrel whisperers…I wish I was one…It’d be so awesome to be close to squirrels ^_^

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