A morning walk

I love the promise of a new day , the optimism each morning offers . Morning conveys that there is a light after darkness , hope after failure , a new beginning after a bitter end .Morning is the solace of night , a  harbinger of hope . I love morning because of its purity , the expectancy it sets in every heart . I love the sight when the alluring light of the sun fades the darkness of night , when the birds and myriad fauna wakes up and goes in search of their daily food. Morning is the reminder of life’s beginning , that we can start afresh in our life .

Morning_Walk_1 The best part of getting up in the morning is that you can spend some time with nature . It is the time of the day when the birds , flowers , trees wakes up with a renewed vigor . They are bursting with positive energy .I am blessed that I live with a lake tucked behind my apartment. A walk in the morning hour helps me to connect with nature and my inner self . The gentle sound of wind swaying your hair , the chirping of the birds and the blossoming of flowers adds to the divinity.  And when there is calmness all around you , you can pay more attention to the call of your inner self . Some of the pics during one of these walk:


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