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A party to remember

A party in the night

Under the candle light

Food, laughter and the sparkling eyes

There are some days when I am just running out of groceries in my kitchen and I am in dilemma what to cook for dinner . And some sudden frequented showers in Bangalore and the temperature dips considerably. To top it all having a bad cold makes things worse  and you don’t feel like going out from the warmth of my home.

And yes next day the school is their so the child needs to sleep early too . Mom suggested why not make egg curry and I smiled reluctantly , ” Yes good idea Maa ” . But then my mind started thinking , ” Why not innovate and cook something different ? ” I  asked feebly looking for her affirmation . She remarked , ” Yes , Ok , make whatever you want and then we will make the Rotis ”

I was happy that she agreed . And my mind started working on how I will make the curry . I just had few basic things in the kitchen onions, tomatoes and some capsicums. And yes not to forget the eggs sitting pretty in my oversized refrigerator .

I used to love egg curry but used to hate the yolk which will be dense , hard and gluggy and almost every time  that was the one which will go in the bin. I decided why not cook something so that we can devour both the white and yellow part . So , I diced some red and green capsicum , some onions and tomatoes . The diced capsicum was whisked with six eggs . And then I added some mozzarella , salt and oregano . It was whisked again resulting in a frothy concoction.



I heated the pan , added some butter  and quickly  spread it evenly all over the pan . I poured the egg mixture and then closed it with a lid . After two minutes when you take out the lid , the omelet would have  swelled and cooked in the steam. Take it out nicely and cut into small squares and let it cool . The pieces will be really thick and the mozzarella adds nice zing to the omelet. Now make a gravy of tomato and onions , with some curry powder , garam masala and your favorite spices. In india every home has their own recipe of curry powder which they will use in their curries. Once the curry starts boiling you put the omelet squares in the curry and let is simmer for two minutes.


The curry is ready to be served with hot rotis or parathas. In my home it was served and enjoyed in a nice candle light. The rain and the mist added an extra zing to the dinner. And Mr Smiley made sure that we enjoyed this dinner with lots of laughter and love . It is always nice to bond with your family over food , food cooked with love not only satiates your hunger but your soul too. And not to forget the dinner was enjoyed to the last bit with  lot of adulation pouring from the hubby and parents. It made by day .. 🙂

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Maria’s room

maria's room

Maria’s room is written by Shreekumar Varma , who happen to be a noted author , playwright , newspaper columnist and poet.

This book I got last year and was planning to read from long time . Finally was able to finish it few days book and I am glad I did it. Maria’s room offers you a heady concoction of goa’s carelessness , the expectancy of monsoon mixed with the impatience of unrequited love . The opening of the book is spectacular and I would rate five stars to the way goa has been captured in monsoon .

The melancholics of local life , the pregnant skies and the rolling waves mixed with the deluge of travelers who want to bask in the glory of  I-care-damn attitude provides an apt background for the love story of Maria and Marcel. The protagonist Raja Prasad , an author from Chennai trying to run from his father and maybe from himself finds refuge in one of the hotels in Goa . Later when he shifts to Maria’s guesthouse , he meets Lorna and falls in love with him . As the book progresses you realize the wretchedness love offers . The expectancy of monsoon and the swelling oceans complements the fidgetiness of  tormented lovers. The two love stories happening at two different points of time differ only in their treatment . Does Raja Prasad can conquer his inner demons ? What happened to Maria and Marcel ? Why the book is called Maria’s Room ?

The book captures the beauty of goa , the sights , smells of the rain. The peculiar habits  which people have , Raja Prasad’s dislike for the non vegetarian food and the intoxication which the monsoon y goa offers . The protagonist blends effortlessly in the carefree ambiance of Feni and music but through peeps the secrets of past keep haunting the present . Does the shadows of past reflect on the present too ?

The vivid poetry of Goa’s languidness and the turbulence of rains  complements the mysticism of man’s desires and love . My only lament was that writer also seems to loose his track of plot while wandering in the poetry of Goa just like a boy left wondering in the toy shop ? Was this a planned diversion , a planned wandering  like a besotted tourist who looses his track of time  ?   I felt that the plot of the book was bit hurried and the author would have spent more time in building the story .But for the love of Goa and the excellent narrative which book offers its readers , i will rate this book 4 out of 5 stars . The poignancy of the forlorn love story seeps into the past and present and makes it a Must Read.