The journey

We all love to travel and explore , to experience new places , people and the varied cuisine associated with that region. Most of us have “To do” list and definitely travelling to rome , paris , Goa and any exotic location is one of them.

Any activity which takes us away from our mundane life helps us to rejuvenate ourselves . The joy of experiencing the unexpected , away from the clamor of humdrum life makes travelling glamorous. For me travelling is a window to unknown world. It helps you to discover yourself and listen to your inner voice , mind it I am not talking about the touristy vacation where you stay in some star resort and enjoy in  the  swimming pool of bikini clad and six pack crowd , eyeing and vying for each other. That is my dear  is just the cacophony of money power which can just guarantee a rest to your body but not your soul.

I love my morning walk ,having a lake behind my apartment , makes it all very  tempting . We all travel , explore , discover but the journey which you take to your soul is the most beautiful one and probably the most arduous too. The morning sun when illuminates the flora and fauna , it also in a way illuminates your heart . Experiencing that feeling of oneness with the mother nature makes you feel that you are just one of God’s special creations. In that stillness you experience the real benediction , the blade of grass trembling in the morning zephyr , birds going in search of their morning feed and the ripples of water singing the message of almighty in their own unique ways . And this my friends is my most beautiful journey …

Some of the pictures from the walk , taken when the lake was full with water. This time the lake has totally dried up as there has been almost no rains in Bangalore  ..

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