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A real Deepawali !



The festive season ensures that I am in my toes .The tradition of making your house and surrounding spic and span , offerings to the god and flurry of activities in the house creates an atmosphere of festivity all around . We also had deepawali celebration in the neighborhood where I and my few friends were in the organizing committee.  And organizing an event for 200 odd people involves a huge lot of work . A gala dinner  followed by cultural program and on the top of that  weather playing hide and seek kept us all guessing till the very end where to organize the program.

And on the day of function when it started raining heavily , we were glad that we had decided to do around the clubhouse . At least it ensured that though for a small time we were huddled close to each other , interacting , talking and eating together . Everybody was having a great time , the children performed and all of us  cheered for the small performers.

In all these raucousness there were  support staff,  gardeners , cleaners who were working all round the clock to make sure that we have great time . After the function when the time came to pay to the caterer , the security staff who had been assigned to sell the food coupons broke into tears( almost ) saying that few people bought the coupon last function and there was some miscalculation and he had to suffer loss of Rs 500 . We were exasperated to hear that and asked him why he did not tell us ? And he started saying that he did not know whether to tell as Madam log will not believe him .. We were  shocked to hear that . And decided to immediately pay him 500 Rupees and recommend the manager to give him award too. We could see his face light up immediately . And we were contented that though in a small way we could help someone who worked relentlessly for us . After all Deepawali is for everyone ….

And my beautiful abode lighted up … Picture clicked by Amit Sinha.



Bang Bang , It’s Hritik all the way !!


A long weekend and family wanted to watch a movie and what we had on offer ( Haider , Bang bang and some English alien movies ) we decided to stick with Bollywood masala movie , Bang Bang . Bang Bang is an adaptation of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz starer Knight and Day .

The plot is cliched and barren as expected . India’s most wanted criminal, Omar Zafar (Danny Denzongpa), who is to be extradited to India, escapes from a maximum-security prison in Britain because his aide Hamid Gul (Jaaved Jafferi) blows up the place like it is a cardboard palace. In the process they kill the honest ISS agent, Viren Nanda played by ,Jimmy Shergill.  Zafar being an intellectual criminal comes up with a mind-blowing idea that he can actually hold up the UK-India extradition treaty by getting an Indian to rob the Kohinoor. What the director was thinking ? Why the story-line is always so shoddy in most of our hindi movies?

But keep aside the plot , you are served a bronzed god , who dances like a Michael Jackson , fights like a James Bond and looks like million bucks. The movie is shot is beautiful locations of Prague , Manali , Shimla , Phuket and each frame is a visual delight. The parts of Shimla and manali where they have shot some action sequences and Katrina’s home looks like a picture postcard.

Katrina Kaif with her hour glass figure and with absolute no sign of acting serves the perfect arm candy for our swashbuckling hero . She is in the movie and does what she has been doing for last few years , look beautiful and talk nonsense. The movie does not demand much acting  from both the actors as they both are busy in running and jumping from one floor to another.

It is a pure Bollywood masala movie but definitely entertains you with its absolute wonderful cinematography and intense action sequences. Watch it for Hrithik Roshan and for some  sensational visuals . The movie does not provoke any thoughts nor it makes you feel heavy , but just entertains you with its feel good factor , transporting you in a land free of any worries.

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