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Chitra Santhe 2015 – A good start of the new year

Chitra Santhe is an open air exhibition conducted by Bangalore Chitra Kala Parishad every year to bring artist , amateurs or professionals under one roof . It is yearly exhibition which is there for only one day in the month of January . This is also done to encourage local artisans and indigenous varieties of art , find only in the deep pockets of our country.

The exhibition was done on both sides of Kumarkrupa Road  snacking around Chitra Kala Parishad and Lalit Ashok Hotel . The traffic was blocked on both the sides of Road so that pedestrians can walk freely . This year it was being conducted on 4th of January , and every year it is conducted on  the first sunday of the year . There were artists from all over India Maharashtra , West Bengal , Tamil Nadu , interiors of Karnataka , Andhra Pradesh etc etc. It was amazing to see the variety of art being displayed at one single place almost in a radius of one kilometer,from acrylic , oil painting to murals , art in wood , three dimensional paintings to objects adorned with glass , beads and mirror work .

We reached the place by 4 in the afternoon and it was bustling with activities . The place was crowded and I saw people taking a lot of interest in haggling with artists to get their favorite piece of art . But was disheartened by fact that there were only handful of people who were actually buying . It pinches a lot to me when I see people spending a bomb to buy some fake piece of art for their homes from a mall but haggle for few hundreds from these gifted artists who really struggle hard to make their ends meet. There were some unique art which I was seeing for the very first time . Art using pencil which looked like photographs , art using dried pieces of wood and charcoal . There was a stall where a deaf and mute artist was selling his paintings and his mother was proudly telling about his paintings to the onlookers , felt touched by her gesture. From push carts selling groundnuts , ice-creams , samosas there was little bit for everyone. There were many artists doing the live  pencil portraits of people who were interested to get it done.

The only drawback I felt was that just one day was not enough for these artists to sell their work . The exhibition should  at least run for two to three days so that more people can come and see this wonderful world of colors and imagery . Even for artists, who put so much of hard work,  it not enough to sell their work .After all they deserve a better remuneration for their hard work  . So next time when you want to buy art , buy from an artist and it will go a long way in preserving  the art form and our rich heritage . Some of the pictures from the exhibition . More details can be found here Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishad Some of the art work from the above exhibition which took my breath away.


Yoga amidst nature


The murals