My soul


Wrap me in timelessness

And set my soul free 

For it is a free bird 

And it want to soar high in the sky


My soul is divine

Like the dewdrops on the flower

And the morning rays

Illuminating the life around.


Don’t fiddle , don’t play

For my soul is pure

Like the mountain stream 

And the first drops of rain.


For love is divine 

It makes you grow 

It gives you courage

Day by day , Everyday


Love is Life 

And life is love 

It is a circle

That goes Round and Round.

Shared with Poets United


14 thoughts on “My soul

  1. life and love are def entertwined…one without the other seems so empty…i like how by saying your soul is divine and love is divine you draw a correlation between your soul and love.

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