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Courage is fire and bullying is smoke


The dictionary says that Courage is the ” ability to do something that frightens one” . It also means bravery. Look deeper and you will find that Life is all about courage , the situations which we face in our day to day life and how well we rise to it.

At every point in life you face this  question . What you choose to become  is in in our hands ? Whether like a coward you run away, keep quiet or like a brave person you confront the situation. At work also sometimes you face sycophants , people who are rigid , insensitive and don’t see the logic in the point . Sometimes I had horrible bosses but I have stood up each time for the things which I believed in even if I was no longer in their good books . For me it is important  to have a balanced approach .Honesty and integrity are the foundation stones for any relationship be it in home or work.

There can be difference in opinion , our mind is influenced by so many factors . But that does not mean we allow others to rule above us . Courage is the ability to say good to good and bad to bad . IF you are courageous you don’t need approval from others , you do it because you believe in certain things . You believe in the goodness of karma , believe in the values of honesty ,friendship and fortitude.

Between family and friends , sometimes we need to tell bitter truth . Truth always hurts if our mind is not conditioned enough to handle the facts that arise out of it. But if you can find people who can show you the mirror , your real image and you have the courage to face that , you know you have grown up both spiritually and mentally . Age is not how many birthdays you have crossed but how you have grown up imbibing the values from our surrounding both spiritually and physically. Growing up is not option but sometimes some people just fail to grow up . In that case their entire progress is hindered . Ego has to go if you want to reach the pinnacle of success . Constructive criticism is important if you want to be successful . If you are ready to hear the truth which even if it hurts makes you a better person everyday, you know that you have come a long way . We need such people in our life who are ready to tell you what is truth not what you want to hear. Courage is having the ability to be rational , to be teachable , to be forthcoming to the criticism , to tread new waters without having the fear of failure in your heart. I would like to end with the lines written by Stephen Crane

Supposing that I should have the courage
To let a red sword of virtue
Plunge into my heart,
Letting to the weeds of the ground
My sinful blood,
What can you offer me?
A gardened castle?
A flowery kingdom?

What? A hope?
Then hence with your red sword of virtue.


Love and Compassion


I was having an interesting discussion with a very close friend of mine and we were discussing about love and She said true love liberates you . IF something binds you , it is not love . It  is difficult to comprehend what she said  if you just give a cursory glance on this but look closely and you will know what it implies.

Love is the wings that makes you believe that you can fly in the sky without any help from anybody . True love asks the sacrifice of “I” , of identities . Any relationship which keeps on asking Why , how , When is not actually love. Love is eternal , distance and time are not the hindrance but bridges which connect two souls. Love does not expect anything in return , it is selfless and free from any expectations. True love gives you freedom , it does not bind you , it helps you to explore the divine side of self.

Love and compassion are the faces of the same coin . Compassion is formed from two words ,Co and passion. When you feel somebody’s pain as its own and want to help them selflessly that feeling is called compassion. Love and compassion are the two emotions that make us human and takes us on the path of godliness.In our day to day life also it is very important that when we want to do something for our family and friends , it should be driven by love and compassion. I truly believe in the fact that what we give to others comes back to you . But our asking is not selfless , it has greed and want . When we are driven by greed and want, love and compassion takes a backseat.

We have life situations when we want people around us to behave in certain way but they don’t, be it family , friends , strangers or loved ones. Look closely and they are also scared , deep down hurt by certain incidents . They too feel separate sometimes , when this realization comes , you let the light of love shine in your heart and see things in a different perspective. Love manifest in various forms , it dissolves us from isolation and separation ,allowing us to become more aware of ourselves. IS n’t it true that we are born out of love and finally in love we depart ? In between that we seek love and love seeks us .