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Inspiration is just the stepping stone . The ordeal starts with hard work and sleepless nights to accomplish that masterpiece which the heart always longed to create.



In the ruins of Hampi , the breath-taking remains of Vijanagar Empire from 13th century, Picture clicked by Amit Sinha

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When Words are not enough


For such a beautiful thought , I had to stifle few words.

When Words are not Enough 

When words are shallow

And silences are deep

When you say ” I am OK”

I know you are not

When words cannot convey

the thousand nuances

For they fumble and fume

They are poor comforters

The days and night

Seems to coalesce

You seem so afar

But still so near

You linger as a faint fragrance

Like a dream you hover

We laugh , we talk and we reminiscence

For the most mundane things.

Sometimes it is not just about

Owning and having one

But an inkling of your presence

Sets most things straight

There are some things

We can never have

Like the sky and the earth

Which seems to merge but are still afar.


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