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A journey starts today – Fix our Road

ORR_SJP_Collage_Wakeup_BBMPIt was a bloodless revolution today or should I say just the start of revolution . The bellandur constituency which pays 100-crore of taxes every year to the state government has pathetic infrastructure . The roads ridden with potholes , overflowing drains , no pathways for pedestrians. In case if you are trying to cross the junction, you end up inhaling at least a bucket of CO2  and playing Snake and ladders with Yamraj . Yes my dear it is terrifying just to cross and come to the other side of Road.

Do we really deserve such pathetic infrastructure ? As informed citizens what we can do to garner the attention of Government . Social media and a desire to bring a change can help at least to a thundering start. Today was one such day . The procession which was completely coordinated on Facebook and Whatsapp saw people coming from all the adjoining apartments in an exemplary way. People planned their day around this Event with even school children joining directly from Schools. The energy was invigorating and palpable .

There was a group of people from the adjoining villages with Dhol , Nagara . And it was humbling to see people getting united and demanding better infrastructure . With the shout of ” No Road , No Tax” the whole atmosphere was infectious with positivity . The desire to bring a change, coupled with consisted efforts can always help if you are ready to come out of your comfort zone. Either we can keep complaining about the state of affairs or can do our bit by participating as a community. Every little effort makes us more closer to the cause .

By the time I am finishing this post , there has been some positive outcomes. The first ever meeting was held with a State minister and his entire department( BBMP , BDA) which involved many citizens from the community to understand the challenges and prospective solutions . Yes it will take some time and may be stupendous effort but we have started after all . We have a long way to go and may be future involves more protests and struggles , but we all know “A journey of thousand miles start with a single step”

If this post has inspired to do your bit please leave a comment on the post and I will connect you to the group of Sarjapura Volunteers (Whatsapp and FB group) who are working relentlessly for a better neighbourhood . Don’t  forget We have a long legacy to leave for our Children. So ACT NOW ,  in this case we even don’t have the option to REGRET LATER.


A magical Kitchen

desertIt was Sunday Noon , all are in brooding mood at home . The Son busy playing with his new toy , a remote controlled aircraft he got from his aunt. And I am contemplating to finish all the daily Chores so that I can start working on the new project.

And hubby has gone to the market to get some groceries and a hair cut. In the meantime Son rushes to me , ” Maa,  Can I have a sizzling desert in the night ?”  With twinkling eyes he looks at me affectionately with his puppy look. This look mostly melts the most unyielding hearts.

I try not to relent . And then he sheepishly comes and sashays behind me as the most coyish calf on the town , “Maa I will finish all my work , study for the test and will help you to clean the table also” Trying to hide my smile , I tease him , ” I don’t know how to make a sizzling desert” . And he replies back , “But you have a magical kitchen ”

I cannot help smiling back.  I tease him , “Do you know what to put in your sizzling desert ? “And he says nonchalantly , “Put whatever you want but don’t forget to put lot of chocolate sauce on the plate . And You need to heat the plate first.

And Voila the magical kitchen produced the most scrumptious desert . Magically the desert also disappeared in few minutes though I managed to grab few spoons 🙂

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