Earthy , vibrant and beautiful..

Yes these are the words which comes to your mind when you look at her . So did  your mind went  all bonkers  about which actress/Celebrity I am talking about . Nah…Actually not.. But they are even more beautiful … And their charm never fades… Once you make them part of their lives , they will stay forever with you.. These are the beautiful hand made wooden vases , toys , candle stands and other useful artefacts from Chennapatna.

Chennapatna is a small town on the Bangalore Mysore highway . It is known for lacquerware wooden artefacts which include votive , vases , wooden toys , curtain rings , coasters and many other useful artefacts which we use in our day to day life . The artisans has been provided lathe machines and other equipments  from the government of Karnataka . It is just amazing to see how a piece of wood is converted into a  piece of art with their skilled hands . These artisans work hard in not very comfortable condition just to provide for their family and kids . Their whole body was covered with the dust generated from these lathe machines.


A handmade product is not only beautiful but an array of emotions and sweat goes in making that product . So , when you buy a handmade product you are actually buying a piece of their life , a piece of their emotions. In Artsgali we aim to build a platform which aim to showcase these unique and traditional forms of art which has been part of our legacy from many generations.  These products are Indigenous and MADE IN INDIA. These are not produced in assembly lines with a thousand replicas but each one of this is touched and moulded in a piece of art with bare hands.

We spend so much money in malls eating and buying stuff which are overpriced but will bargain for few rupees from an artist who works day and night to make pieces of great artistry and imagination. Seeing it and experiencing the pain and hardship which these craftsmen take to build these artefacts , my heart is filled with pride and compassion . Our country India is not just another country but many countries in one and each traditional art tells an unique story about our heritage. To preserve this , the onus rests entirely on us.


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