We travel to seek other souls


This post I am writing  after a long time, almost after two months. Its crazy how we loose count of time when you are between your loved ones. The kiddo’s summer vacation gave me an opportunity to travel to my native , to the cities of Dhanbad and Patna . This time we had decided to travel by train. A journey especially a train journey helps you to experience the social fabric of our country  , the changing economic scenario which influence the habits of the people.

I was a keen observer this time , soaking the experience . Both to and fro tickets between Kolkata to Bangalore was booked in Dorontho train . We don’t have a direct train to Dhanbad so  I need to change the train in Kolkata , but the connectivity between Kolkata and Dhanbad is really good with plenty of options throughout the  day.

My son is a very inquisitive child and loves to talk . While going to kolkata , our co passengers were two elderly couples , well educated . My son mingled with them in  no time. The whole journey was pleasant . We exchanged food , stories and even email ids. My son was sitting with them most of the time and I think they had also developed an instant liking for him. He also indulged in playing games with them . And somehow the liveliness in my compartment made the journey smooth and unforgettable. There was lot of humility in both the couples ,who were in late 50’s  or maybe 60’s .

Any society reflects the struggle of its country and gives a good picture of how the country has evolved since last few decades. This holds true for India too. I see a behavioural pattern between our generation , our parents and the next generation. During our parent’s time when our country was very new ,just consolidating herself , the life of that generation also reflects the same struggle. I hear stories from my parents how resources were limited and they had  to share everything with their siblings . Sometimes they had to really work hard for even their school uniform . Every need was earned , things were shared and a lot of value was attached with any material object . It was passed on to many  generations until it was unusable .

Our generation was little more fortunate where we hardly had to struggle for anything . But  we used to share our toys , books and even some party wear. The families were still joint and toys/cloths  were happily rotated among the growing children. But the current generation has everything on platter. whatever they want , everything come with a click of mouse. This trend is good or bad will take another blog post. But somehow a degree of arrogance has crept in this generation.

This was well reflected while on my return journey . Our seating arrangement was not in the same coupe . I requested a young person who was travelling single but he very arrogantly refused . There was another couple travelling with a small child. And they were uncouth to say the least. Flashing their gadgets , they behaved as if they have descended from another world . We were shuttling between our seats and as soon as they got the opportunity , they shoved our luggage at another place without even taking a permission from us . There was another middle aged couple in the other compartment where our seats were located and they kept behaving as if they are newly weds. They always closed the curtain which made it difficult to move around. They were having their own businesses and you can easily classify them as they-feel-they-are-uber-rich.

There is a saying “Empty barrels make the most noise ” It holds true for people also , despite the age or material possessions, people who don’t have any substance are like those empty vessels . On the contrary some of the most simple people I have met who are highly successful are calm and unpretentious. Humbleness and humanity are rare qualities nowadays and Journeys help me to unravel that they are becoming dearer in this materialistic world. If you are reading this , its my request that be a little more considerate with your fellow human beings , a kind act always has a noble effect . What you give back to others, comes back to you in some or the other form.

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5 thoughts on “We travel to seek other souls

  1. Agree to that. I find the elder generation more affable, kind and considerate while the current one has misplaced arrogance, suffer from a lack of respect. However, it’s not fair to generalize but yeah we need to learn how to be humble. So true, empty barrels make most noise-Mom’s favorite expression-why the need to flash gadget and all?

    1. I did not generalize Vishal … I have just observed that the current generation is more arrogant… although there are exceptions too..Human nature has many layers.. 🙂

      1. Nah! Never said u generalizing..was referring to the earlier point I made. Many are arrogant with the know it all attitude. Love the last line…the human layers we are ensconced with:)

  2. An excellent observation. Though mid-post the context changed from comparison between generations , to arrogant people of all generations . After the paragraph about how different generations used resources, I was expecting observations made by you, of people of different generations,on how they behave differently. Nonetheless, I agree with you , but after travelling almost on monthly basis in trains and buses, all I can say is that every human has different nature, we can not change them, so accept them as they are. If someone does not wish to talk, let it be. Also, it is human nature to see negative things especially when gong through stress, like here you were not able to get seats in one coupe, so maybe you were a bit uncomfortable, a bit stressed, a bit angry at the situation which you were unable to change to your comfort due to that young man who refused to exchange seats. So you noticed all the negative things around you. Had it been a pleasurable journey with everyone in same coupe, maybe we would have been reading more about the amazing old couple whom your son took a liking to. 🙂 So you see, it all depends on situations and how we handle them. I am not blaming you for noticing bad things, it’s just human nature. Even I do that. When I am stressed, I see bad things in everybody ,which were already present, but as I am already in negative state of mind, I start noticing them and get angry over them, which of course is futile 🙂

    1. Thank you for your detailed comment. I loved going through it. In blog although I start from one single thought but I give myself freedom to sway and write unhindered. Yes , discomfort and negativity do influence your thoughts but more than that it is arrogance which creeps in people who are bestowed with wealth without actually realizing that everything is transient and they take everything for granted. I don’t get affected by negativity as I was a mere observer and not a participant in the happenings… Love and Peace

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