Shwetaa Sinha

What defines me or say anybody else ? Aren’t we an eclectic mix of mundane and the mystical , the conventional and the unconventional , the ordinary and the extraordinary , the good and the bad . And the thing which defines us  is the way when we rise to the moments of truth , to the testing times . Life is fragile and unpredictable . Living each moment as it comes and doing my best is what I stand for .

I spent my childhood in the SAIL city , Bokaro . I was always a bookworm . If my school friends would play in the school ground , I would be the one sitting with a book under the tree and enjoying the cool breeze. I loved reading , writing and painting  . And have been writing since 11 years old , poems , jingles and travelogues , essays. My father is the one who cultivated this habit in me . And whether it is writing a letter to my grandfather or about the place which we visited recently , he would makes us write about that and thus writing almost became an integral part of my persona.

I was an IT consultant by profession and gradually became an entrepreneur . I am the founder of www.mathsbaron.com , where we are striving to make mathematics fun and easy to learn . We have also integrated  Vedic Maths in the worksheets which makes calculation very fast and simple.I also hold a specialized degree in Entrepreneurship management from IIM Bangalore .  I love writing ,travelling , trying new cuisine and spending time with children .I started blogging in 2008 http://buzzoflife.blogspot.in  and it was lovely experimenting with words and emotions, writing something which can touch a heart . Wordpress appealed to me with its simplicity . So , here I am, in my new dwelling  .Writing for me is a self-pilgrimage . It has helped me to unravel my strength and weakness.  I also dabble in oil paintings and my home is adorned with some of my original work  . Colors and words are therapeutic , they transform you to  a world of hope , dreams ,joy and ecstasy . Thank you for reading this and becoming a part of my journey .

For any writing assignments , book review , articles etc you can email me at  reach.shwetaa@gmail.com


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