Books and Authors

A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.

–William Styron

Books always held a special place in my life . I was always a bookworm  . I remember my parents used to coax me to go for playing . But I always used to return in just few minutes with some excuse . Bokaro was blessed with a Central Library with a good collection from varied authors and genres . Even my School ( Guru Gobind Singh Public School and later Delhi Public School) had a good collection of books and we were encouraged to read . I had huge interest in Literature , History or any other book which I found interesting .The love of books kept growing as years passed by and so my love of expression . Being curious and inquisitive I reason facts but I also know that there are facts of life which is beyond obvious and does not have any explanation . I think a good book reflects that aspect of life , it should be good blend of facts and fiction , the good and the bad , gloomy but yet hopeful .

This is my attempt here to give reviews of the book which I read and find captivating. I read all genres of book so you will find a wide array of books reviewed here . Please note that the views expressed here are totally mine and I will do my best to give reviews which are totally unbiased and not guided by any external factors, but for the sole aim that a good book should reach its readers.I will also attempt to bring Tete-a-tete with some of the established and upcoming authors . And we will take a sneak peek on the process of writing , their inspiration and other details of their upcoming books .For any related queries  please get in touch with me at :


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