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Chitra Santhe 2017

There is something beautiful about a blank canvas, the nothingness of the beginning that is so simple and breathtakingly pure. It’s the paint that changes its meaning and the hand that creates the story. Every piece begins the same, but in the end they are all uniquely different.”

Piper Payne
There can never be better start to new year than a visit to a world of colors and hues where imaginations run like a berserk river inundating everything on its way with emotions.Each artist when they paint , they also insert a part of their soul in the paintings. Bangalore’s own very CKP gives a boost to all the upcoming artists and their creativity by holding a painting exhibition every year around its campus.
This is the Mecca for all the art lovers who would like to drown themselves in the world of colors and creativity. I always  meet some interesting people during the arts habba.
There was one lady, software engineer at MNC, who was a self taught artist and had experimented in all forms of art which included 3-D modelling , oil , acrylic and mixed media too.
                                                        The traditional food  offered in the habba is something you can remember forever : Melt in mouth dosas , Chai brewed in a copper vessel , Jhalmuri , Popsicle are a lover’s delight and provides the energy boost to the hungry soul.
From the scenic , verdant landscapes to  wild animals on the prowl , there is a scene and scenery form all walks of life displayed in the rich canvas. I was standing besides a canvas with lines going here and there . And some splash of red and blue. And I asked my son , “What do you see ? ” He said , ” I think it is a rough drawing . He did not draw it fully “
I said , ” Look closely , there are figures hidden in it . ” And he started seeing clouds , a house floating in the red water , A bird staring from the sky .And what I saw , I girl draped in the blue water ready to come out from the ocean . And then I turned and told my son “We can see whatever we want in a painting, we just need to explore and look around. It is just like a treasure hunt.” Somehow this treasure thing appealed to him and he smiled approvingly.
This exhibition is organized on second sunday every year and it is a must see event once in your lifetime.There are performances by the students of Chitrakala Parishad and painting competitions for children.
Do plan a visit to Bangalore around this time and you will remember it for lifetime.

Chitra Santhe 2015 – A good start of the new year

Chitra Santhe is an open air exhibition conducted by Bangalore Chitra Kala Parishad every year to bring artist , amateurs or professionals under one roof . It is yearly exhibition which is there for only one day in the month of January . This is also done to encourage local artisans and indigenous varieties of art , find only in the deep pockets of our country.

The exhibition was done on both sides of Kumarkrupa Road  snacking around Chitra Kala Parishad and Lalit Ashok Hotel . The traffic was blocked on both the sides of Road so that pedestrians can walk freely . This year it was being conducted on 4th of January , and every year it is conducted on  the first sunday of the year . There were artists from all over India Maharashtra , West Bengal , Tamil Nadu , interiors of Karnataka , Andhra Pradesh etc etc. It was amazing to see the variety of art being displayed at one single place almost in a radius of one kilometer,from acrylic , oil painting to murals , art in wood , three dimensional paintings to objects adorned with glass , beads and mirror work .

We reached the place by 4 in the afternoon and it was bustling with activities . The place was crowded and I saw people taking a lot of interest in haggling with artists to get their favorite piece of art . But was disheartened by fact that there were only handful of people who were actually buying . It pinches a lot to me when I see people spending a bomb to buy some fake piece of art for their homes from a mall but haggle for few hundreds from these gifted artists who really struggle hard to make their ends meet. There were some unique art which I was seeing for the very first time . Art using pencil which looked like photographs , art using dried pieces of wood and charcoal . There was a stall where a deaf and mute artist was selling his paintings and his mother was proudly telling about his paintings to the onlookers , felt touched by her gesture. From push carts selling groundnuts , ice-creams , samosas there was little bit for everyone. There were many artists doing the live  pencil portraits of people who were interested to get it done.

The only drawback I felt was that just one day was not enough for these artists to sell their work . The exhibition should  at least run for two to three days so that more people can come and see this wonderful world of colors and imagery . Even for artists, who put so much of hard work,  it not enough to sell their work .After all they deserve a better remuneration for their hard work  . So next time when you want to buy art , buy from an artist and it will go a long way in preserving  the art form and our rich heritage . Some of the pictures from the exhibition . More details can be found here Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishad Some of the art work from the above exhibition which took my breath away.


Yoga amidst nature


The murals