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We travel to seek other souls


This post I am writing  after a long time, almost after two months. Its crazy how we loose count of time when you are between your loved ones. The kiddo’s summer vacation gave me an opportunity to travel to my native , to the cities of Dhanbad and Patna . This time we had decided to travel by train. A journey especially a train journey helps you to experience the social fabric of our country  , the changing economic scenario which influence the habits of the people.

I was a keen observer this time , soaking the experience . Both to and fro tickets between Kolkata to Bangalore was booked in Dorontho train . We don’t have a direct train to Dhanbad so  I need to change the train in Kolkata , but the connectivity between Kolkata and Dhanbad is really good with plenty of options throughout the  day.

My son is a very inquisitive child and loves to talk . While going to kolkata , our co passengers were two elderly couples , well educated . My son mingled with them in  no time. The whole journey was pleasant . We exchanged food , stories and even email ids. My son was sitting with them most of the time and I think they had also developed an instant liking for him. He also indulged in playing games with them . And somehow the liveliness in my compartment made the journey smooth and unforgettable. There was lot of humility in both the couples ,who were in late 50’s  or maybe 60’s .

Any society reflects the struggle of its country and gives a good picture of how the country has evolved since last few decades. This holds true for India too. I see a behavioural pattern between our generation , our parents and the next generation. During our parent’s time when our country was very new ,just consolidating herself , the life of that generation also reflects the same struggle. I hear stories from my parents how resources were limited and they had  to share everything with their siblings . Sometimes they had to really work hard for even their school uniform . Every need was earned , things were shared and a lot of value was attached with any material object . It was passed on to many  generations until it was unusable .

Our generation was little more fortunate where we hardly had to struggle for anything . But  we used to share our toys , books and even some party wear. The families were still joint and toys/cloths  were happily rotated among the growing children. But the current generation has everything on platter. whatever they want , everything come with a click of mouse. This trend is good or bad will take another blog post. But somehow a degree of arrogance has crept in this generation.

This was well reflected while on my return journey . Our seating arrangement was not in the same coupe . I requested a young person who was travelling single but he very arrogantly refused . There was another couple travelling with a small child. And they were uncouth to say the least. Flashing their gadgets , they behaved as if they have descended from another world . We were shuttling between our seats and as soon as they got the opportunity , they shoved our luggage at another place without even taking a permission from us . There was another middle aged couple in the other compartment where our seats were located and they kept behaving as if they are newly weds. They always closed the curtain which made it difficult to move around. They were having their own businesses and you can easily classify them as they-feel-they-are-uber-rich.

There is a saying “Empty barrels make the most noise ” It holds true for people also , despite the age or material possessions, people who don’t have any substance are like those empty vessels . On the contrary some of the most simple people I have met who are highly successful are calm and unpretentious. Humbleness and humanity are rare qualities nowadays and Journeys help me to unravel that they are becoming dearer in this materialistic world. If you are reading this , its my request that be a little more considerate with your fellow human beings , a kind act always has a noble effect . What you give back to others, comes back to you in some or the other form.

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Love is in the air …Really?



Valentine’s day just passed by . With such  mammoth marketing , even an orang-utan now knows that is the day where you go on your knees down and proclaim love for your dream boy/girl .The newspapers , media everywhere  is flooded with heart shaped balloons and advertisement asking you to take for helicopter ride , candle-light dinner and what not.

Is it really Love ? A boy meets a girl and their hearts melt and slowly they are wedded in bliss . My dear that’s nothing but our raging hormones and nature’s own way to proliferate. The intrinsic character of Nature is to grow. And hence the biology of animals and homosapiens is shaped like a way that they desire to copulate and we confuse it with eternal love.

In my journey till now I have discovered my own definition of love . That definition may not be perfect but surely I have deciphered my own nuances of love.Love is not object dependent .It is only about you , about your own existence , being comfortable in your skin and accepting yourself .In the tribulations of life we are sometimes so engaged that we forget about ourselves and self loathing starts creeping in .When  you  accept your flaws then only you can love yourself . And when you love yourself , you can love others. If you cannot love yourself you can never love others. But sometimes people love themselves so much that they forget about others . That is nothing but pride , ego and arrogance. Where there is love , there is never any ego.True love asks for sacrifice of ego.

Love is a state of bliss , a state where you are so ensconced that anybody who comes near you get the whiff of that fragrance. . I an a big follower of Sadhguru , his philosophy and his teachings. In one of his discourse he explains that you can be in love with a tree or a stone too. When you want something in return that is not love but transaction. If you are in love with yourself  a feeling of compassion comes in . That itself is s beautiful . Love and compassion are two ingredients that make our life worth living for , devoid of this we will turn into animals. Love is our intrinsic nature , we need to cultivate that , this can only help us to transcend and enter the realm of Godliness. I truly believe that in such tumultuous times , the world needs more lovers and healers . Lovers who transcend the boundaries of religion , country and  caste . What are your thoughts on love ? Have you discovered its eternal side ? I would love to hear your side of story too….

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When Words are not enough


For such a beautiful thought , I had to stifle few words.

When Words are not Enough 

When words are shallow

And silences are deep

When you say ” I am OK”

I know you are not

When words cannot convey

the thousand nuances

For they fumble and fume

They are poor comforters

The days and night

Seems to coalesce

You seem so afar

But still so near

You linger as a faint fragrance

Like a dream you hover

We laugh , we talk and we reminiscence

For the most mundane things.

Sometimes it is not just about

Owning and having one

But an inkling of your presence

Sets most things straight

There are some things

We can never have

Like the sky and the earth

Which seems to merge but are still afar.


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On Friendship and Relationship …My unusual take


I was talking to a friend and She was upset . She was a wreck and it was painful for me to see her in that condition. Yes most of the time when we are upset it is because of the people whom we care about , family , friends or that someone special . So if you are upset about someone whom you really like and they don’t bother to reciprocate your feelings , to care about you or return your call , it is time to accept that fact . But why you are cringing and crying . Trust me that person might be busy in the following things  ( And you thought you are the one who matter them most , go smack your face …. GRRR … make sure it does not hurt much)

1) The roof of their house would have fallen and they will be busy repairing them . After all we all need a good night sleep. And yes I forgot to mention that there was a warning from the meteorological department of a looming sandstorm .  Oh , you definitely don’t want your friend staring at you with sand in his/her eyes …Ouuchhh it hurts….very very much .. Go please wash your face with cold water…Splashing alternately on your eyes.

2) You are waiting for them to call back and they are busy making money … Honey what is life without some penny. You want them to gift a Louis Vuitton or Prada . And then you expect them talking to you . Hello , Have not someone told in the school that we can earn money only through hard work and dedication ? Ohhh I forgot that you were sitting in the last bench ..And you were not paying attention at all ?? Oh because of these back benchers only School is such a booming business ..

3) They must be busy distributing food , clothing and medicines to the needy people in the flood affected areas of Uttaranchal or the recent earthquake that happened in Sierre Leone  .Don’t ask me where is Sierre Leone ? It is not my fault that you were not paying attention in the Geography class . But you can complain that you never knew that your friend was such a big humanitarian . Check to see if he/she descended from the 12 Apostles of Peace and humanity.

4) They must love you with all their heart but you cannot fathom their madness .And in order to get over you they would have drowned 2-3 bottles of Pinot Grigio or Vodka . And you thought your friend was Sober ?  What were you ? Drunk ?

5)They were enjoying a content life in the lap of nature and you came barged into their lives bringing emotion and sob story , oh you are sounding so needy now . Go take a break and if not drown yourself in the nearest well or river.

So , if you are still reading this and laughing with all your guts , You are surely not a loser . There are more better things to do in this world than crying over someone who was never yours . So . now when you have started thinking like an evolved Homo Sapien. Go change the world , otherwise that ape staring at you is going to eat all your bananas . And at that time don’t cry that I did not warn you …..

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Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you. Loretta Young
Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.
Loretta Young

Happy Valentine day to all my Readers. Love is a great feeling, whatever said about it is not sufficient. A poem dedicated to unrequited love , for sometimes you cannot have whom you love the most.

It happens just one day

The person you love walks past you

Like a faint fragrance she lingers

And you don’t know what to do.


You  dream for her honey laced voice

Her tussore touch  and dimpled smile

Holding her hand under the azure sky

And counting the waves.


The memories tug your heart

For she was the one you loved

She is a dream , she is a mirage

She is a song that plays in your heart.

A morning walk

I love the promise of a new day , the optimism each morning offers . Morning conveys that there is a light after darkness , hope after failure , a new beginning after a bitter end .Morning is the solace of night , a  harbinger of hope . I love morning because of its purity , the expectancy it sets in every heart . I love the sight when the alluring light of the sun fades the darkness of night , when the birds and myriad fauna wakes up and goes in search of their daily food. Morning is the reminder of life’s beginning , that we can start afresh in our life .

Morning_Walk_1 The best part of getting up in the morning is that you can spend some time with nature . It is the time of the day when the birds , flowers , trees wakes up with a renewed vigor . They are bursting with positive energy .I am blessed that I live with a lake tucked behind my apartment. A walk in the morning hour helps me to connect with nature and my inner self . The gentle sound of wind swaying your hair , the chirping of the birds and the blossoming of flowers adds to the divinity.  And when there is calmness all around you , you can pay more attention to the call of your inner self . Some of the pics during one of these walk:



Let the memories dry

In the night skies

Hung in the wires of time

Away from the prying eyes


When the breeze blows

And they reminisce the past stories

You just snuggle them

In the warmth of your embrace


But don’t press hard

They might crinkle or crank

Just sing few lullabies

And make them sleep


When the morning dawns

And the sky glows in the golden light

Let those memories anchor you

In the promise of new future.


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Looking forward and taking a stock of the year gone by !


Another new day , and a new year which has 365 opportunities to make you happy , sad , elated , loved and i can go on and on. But do we really have control on how we steer the incidents or happenings in our lives ?

Look inside and the answer will be big NO . But we definitely choose how we react to those incidents and how bravely we steer to come out unfazed with a renewed zeal . 2013 was a great year . I made some beautiful friends , had some interesting trips , found a new home at the blogging world , met some wonderful bloggers , ran my first marathon , worked for some of very commendable NGOs ( Sneha care , Bosco Mane ) . There were some tough times too as they say life after all is  not a bed of roses …. but I sailed through somehow with my inner strength and love from my near and dear ones.As I look forward in 2014 ,here is my bucket list…

1. Be always Happy and Outrageous  : Have you tried this ? Try this and you will be surprised how a smile can help you to sail through all your odds . It is so infectious that even the most dull soul cannot remain unfazed .And I want to cultivate this happy feeling in my day to day life.

2.Write , write and write more : Yes I want to write and write it all , blogs , articles and anything to do with words , words which come from the bottom of my heart .. words which can inspire … words which empathize … Words which can cry and laugh with you..Also my deep desire to see my name on print . How cool is that .. 😀

3. Travel , unravel and discover : I spent the last days of 2013 in the beautiful Kanyakumari .. the place which I was longing to go for a long time .. i have the deep desire to go to Kashmir … and literally can say that yes I have seen India … from kashmir to kanyakumari . Another wish is for my parents to take them on their first international trip.

4. Read my long list of books  : I love reading . And I have a long list of books which I wanted to read from long time . I just wish to find more time or manage well so that I can read those beautiful books . I really need to catch up on this .

5. More quality time with my child : My six year old is a bundle of energy . And loves to get my attention . I wish to be more patient with him . It is wonderful how a child can teach you valuable lessons in life . Try to be in his shoes and you will know how life becomes easy because a child knows how to live in the present moment and does not care about past or future.

6. Run more marathons : I want to be physically fit . I love going to gyms but I have been irregular . Last month I ran my first marathon . My hubby has been pestering me for such a long time . This time I relented and I was happy that I did . There is such a vibrant energy that makes you feel so buoyant . Also my son was the youngest to complete the marathon . It was such a satisfying start for me. See more pics here.

What is your bucket list ? Do you have something in common ?  I wish all of you a very happy and prosperous new year . And as I say always May we find the greater purpose of our life for which we are born with . Stay blessed and stay happy . From my heart to yours I wish you love ,love and more love.

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