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A little help can make a huge difference – Help Nepal


On Saturday i.e 25th April 2015 , the world woke up to the news of severe earthquake ravaging the Himalayan kingdom , Nepal. The media , both print and electronic was full with the news of people loosing their kith and kin , images of people crying . buildings falling like pack of cards .The damage was devastating and several historical sites in Nepal were merely reduced to rubles. The earthquake was not limited to Nepal but tremors were felt in Indian subcontinent  also in the adjoining states of Bihar , Jharkhand and parts of West Bengal.

Till now 10,000 people are believed to have been lost in this natural catastrophe and that is just an official number . The actual number would be much higher and there are countless people who have lost their near and dear ones , their homes and belongings . Can we imagine a child stranded in this world with nothing to look up ? Can there be more scary picture than this ? A old women loosing everything and all around she sees is misery , a fight for survival , a fight for basic amenities ?

The calamities of such magnitude reconfirms how miniscule we are in front of nature’s fury. And when nature lashes its anger , many get crushed in just few moments . And that’s the reason  we should protect  nature and not misuse it for our greed and wants. The Himalayan kingdom sits on the belt where the indo-australian plate pushes the Eurasian plate and geographically its one of the most volatile reason . Their collision itself gave birth to the Himalayan region. But rampant deforestation , construction and misuse of natural resources definitely adds to it.

But in spite of all this , the human spirit survives despite all odds.And there are pictures of four month child rescued under the debris . People and Army risking their lives to save the people stranded in the middle of nothing and left with no food , water or shelter.This just give hope that life continues and the human spirit cannot be curtailed by even the most grim situations.There are people and organizations pitching to help people who are left with nothing to survive in the most treacherous situation . Here I have compiled a list for the organizations who are doing their bit to help people in Nepal to survive the extreme conditions .

Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund

Here is the list published by BBC to donate for the rebuilding of Nepal and help people to survive this extreme condition . Please do your bit , they need our help.

Another easy way is also to donate through facebook and there are some reputed organizations who are organizing drive for collecting food packets, cup noodles , soup packets, clothes and medicines in every city. I urge you to help , a small step will go a long way to help the survivors in this difficult times.  After all we are the children of the same god and in the difficult times every help counts.


Let us be more sensitive towards children !


Holy Spirit rises 

Battered , Choked

Can it find love again ?

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day . The word suicide has bought back a flood of memories . I grew up in SAIL CITY ,Bokaro  . Bokaro has a very cosmopolitan outlook as  people from all corners of India are residing here  . Being a planned city where people are mostly working in the steel plant it has a very homogeneous society .  Education is the main focus of people here and due to its engineering background , I remember 90% ( trying to be liitle pessimistic here ) of parents and children aspired to become one of them . I remember my father’s colleagues or my neighbors visiting us and the main topic of discussion would be the Board exam result , IIT jee result etc. It was so annoying . My father has always been a very progressive man and he never forced his decision on us .

But it was disheartening to see that many of my friends and juniors had to suffer because they were pressurized to perform or choose a stream which they never wanted to study . Why we attach so much importance to grade , marks , rank  or any profession ? In trying to choose a safe career don’t we kill the creativity of our children ?  I remember I opted for  Industrial Engineering when I got admitted into BIT Sindri , a state level college of high reputation.Many of my friends had asked me why not computer science or electronics ? I was clear that I wanted to study that field . We were group of eight girls from Bokaro who were studying in Sindri . Deepika ( Name changed)  was one of them and I remember that she never used to sleep whenever we had exams . Her eyes will be blood shot and she will be roaming with a book like a lunatic.

I failed to comprehend why she will study so hard . One day while we were waking up , we came to know that Deepika’s sister has committed suicide as she scored only 78 % in her board exams and not 90 % as everybody in the family wanted her to do so . Her face came flashing in front of me . She was such a timid and shy girl with a faint smile and eyes which were in search of warmth.

The matter was hushed affair . It was evident that she was suffering from depression . Everybody  in the family and her classmates , teachers expected her to outperform others but she could only score that much , a distinction but not appreciated by the people around her . What could have gone into her mind that made her take such drastic step ?

She was found hanging in her room with her dupatta . In the morning when the family came to know about it , it was too late . Why we are so insensitive to our own children ? Why we are unable to understand the distress signals ? Why we cannot go and tell them that you have done spectacular ? Why we cannot hug them tightly and tell them to be whatever they want and not force our decisions on them ?

Suicide in children and teenagers can be prevented only when the parents , teachers and the surrounding provide a safe and healthy environment . Let us not overload our aspiration and dreams on them . Let them do whatever they want , take them into confidence , have a friendly and sensitive approach towards them . Life has endless possibilities and it should not be guided by the narrow parameters of our own constricted thinking.

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