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Wise men have time again advocated  that ‘Silence is golden.’ When we practice silence , we try to hear our inner voice . It is a vigorous routine to practice silence everyday. And people go to lengths to cultivate that habit even going for a silent retreat.

But in a relationship when people become silent, it heralds its end. A poem which reflects that feeling. Never underestimate silence because mostly it signifies the death of an agonizing relationship.


Silence ,

That lie between the words

Amidst a room full of chaos

Between You and Me

Silence ,

That spirals like a scathing demon

Munching on unbridled laughter

Ready to engulf those sweet memories

Silence ,

Waiting to fill the voids

No words to complain or endearment

Stale and dying , scathing with nothingness

Silence ,

Like an taut wild vine

Spiraling in our lives

Sealing the death of our relationship.

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Why we seek blessings?


Have you wondered the reason behind us visiting temples , Gurudwaras , churches or any religious place ? Why do we seek blessings ?

Yes We all will agree that we seek blessings because we want to have a blessed life . Sometimes we seek materialistic desires , many times we want our unfulfilled wishes to be granted by almighty.

As Bhagwad Gita says , “All of them–As they surrender unto Me–I reward accordingly. Everyone follows My path in all respects, O son of Partha [Arjuna].”

We are all tiny parts of that infinite energy , when we pray we pay our allegiance to the Divine. With a thankful heart we pray for his blessings . Seeking happiness and love is not only inward but an outward process too. The sentiments which flow from us has the power to attract all the positive energy from the Universe.

A heart free of vices and brimming with love has the power to accomplish the impossible. Praying with a heart which is devoid of any malice has the power to mend the most complicated relations.

I always go to this beautiful place for Praying . If you would have stayed in Bangalore , you can probably recognize this. Make a guess and share your views. I am a very patient listener.


Seeking blessings



What derives our happiness?


One of my school junior had shared this video and I could not help noticing that the video talks about life and happiness . Ted videos are very motivating as they have speakers from all walks of life who have battled all kind of circumstances in their lives to be a person of substance.

The speaker, Robert Waldinger who happens to be an American Psychiatrist talks about one of the longest study done in Harvard University on adult happiness. The study was done for 75 years on 724 people from different walks of life . Some of the people on whom the studies were done are nonagenarian , some have passed . Some people lead a very normal life and some rose to very high echelons of society . But the finding was really surprising . Everybody at the young age craved to be rich and famous . But the people who remained healthy are the people who had more stronger ties with families , friends and their social network. People who led a socially fulfilling life were more healthier , more alert in the old age.

What does it imply ? Life is all about sharing and caring . And our happiness is not dependent on swanky cars , palatial homes but the warmth and love which we have in our homes. Sometimes people are so bogged down by their ego that they forget that everything is transient .

If you  are in abusive relationship , the earlier you come out of it the better it is for your wellbeing . Don’t just keep hanging there for petty gains . Walk out once and for all .

We don’t realize that Life is not about winning/losing but living it up fully despite the odds/setbacks which life throw at us. Work is just a very small part of our existence. People who have ego and eyes brightened by success actually lead a very hollow life. If your work or I should say your existence cannot bring a smile to a needy child or if you do not have empathy for people around you , your health also deteriorates slowly and you are on the path of annihilation.

The mantra of good living is inner joy and happiness and that comes only with human touch. Be thoughtful , laugh often ,be sympathetic towards your family and friends . Forgive and move on . The happiness in your life is multiplied manifold when you lend a helping hand to people around you , a kind ear to a friend in need. Spend quality time with your family and friends , give back to society by participating in community events , have empathy and compassion for people around you

I go often to conduct skill building workshops for children and youth  for people who come from the lower sections of society , children of labourers and daily wage earners , who cannot afford good education. And believe me the amount of satisfaction which I experience  when I see their smiling, contented faces is indescribable. Life is not about  how many moments you live but moments which made someone’s  life worth while.

A magical Kitchen

desertIt was Sunday Noon , all are in brooding mood at home . The Son busy playing with his new toy , a remote controlled aircraft he got from his aunt. And I am contemplating to finish all the daily Chores so that I can start working on the new project.

And hubby has gone to the market to get some groceries and a hair cut. In the meantime Son rushes to me , ” Maa,  Can I have a sizzling desert in the night ?”  With twinkling eyes he looks at me affectionately with his puppy look. This look mostly melts the most unyielding hearts.

I try not to relent . And then he sheepishly comes and sashays behind me as the most coyish calf on the town , “Maa I will finish all my work , study for the test and will help you to clean the table also” Trying to hide my smile , I tease him , ” I don’t know how to make a sizzling desert” . And he replies back , “But you have a magical kitchen ”

I cannot help smiling back.  I tease him , “Do you know what to put in your sizzling desert ? “And he says nonchalantly , “Put whatever you want but don’t forget to put lot of chocolate sauce on the plate . And You need to heat the plate first.

And Voila the magical kitchen produced the most scrumptious desert . Magically the desert also disappeared in few minutes though I managed to grab few spoons 🙂

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Don’t hold , forgive and move on….

Quote 3

I was having a conversation with my mother and we were talking about an incident which happened with a close friend and this girl is not able to get over that incident. She was very hurt and she keeps thinking about that and not able to come out of it. We tried in many ways to make her understand that there is no point in thinking about something which we cannot control. And She somehow got the point.

And in the morning while going through the emails and my FB page, I came across this quote and I loved it totally . Each word shines like a gold.

Life is challenging and most of the times it never goes the way we would have planned . And  we get offended by people whom we love the most family , friends , spouse , children.

So what should you do ? Do you keep thinking over the spilled milk?

Visualize a very ordinary incident from our day to day life . Its morning time. And your child spilled the glass of milk over the sofa. So, there are two choices either you act as if  nothing happened (eh just frown ) catch the nearest towel and put it over to dry the spilled milk and console your Son , ” Darling its perfectly ok , Mamma is here” . And the sympathetic child smiles back. Yeah you saved yourself two precious hour.

If you would have decided to react. Then the child would have cried for almost an hour , sulking and cribbing. He misses the school bus . And in all these if you would have decided to drop him in the morning Bangalore traffic , your precious morning 2 hours would have gone in jiffy . Not to forget the entire day you would have been lagging back.

Relationships are also like soured milk. If you are guilty , then you should try to reach an amend . Only the brave people has the courage to seek forgiveness. But after the third attempt , if your apology is not accepted , then its time to move on. Forgive them and move on with your life . What you wish for others comes back to you in one form or another. The universe after all echoes our sentiments. As someone has rightly put people who mind does not matter and people who matter will not mind.

When Words are not enough


For such a beautiful thought , I had to stifle few words.

When Words are not Enough 

When words are shallow

And silences are deep

When you say ” I am OK”

I know you are not

When words cannot convey

the thousand nuances

For they fumble and fume

They are poor comforters

The days and night

Seems to coalesce

You seem so afar

But still so near

You linger as a faint fragrance

Like a dream you hover

We laugh , we talk and we reminiscence

For the most mundane things.

Sometimes it is not just about

Owning and having one

But an inkling of your presence

Sets most things straight

There are some things

We can never have

Like the sky and the earth

Which seems to merge but are still afar.


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Courage is fire and bullying is smoke


The dictionary says that Courage is the ” ability to do something that frightens one” . It also means bravery. Look deeper and you will find that Life is all about courage , the situations which we face in our day to day life and how well we rise to it.

At every point in life you face this  question . What you choose to become  is in in our hands ? Whether like a coward you run away, keep quiet or like a brave person you confront the situation. At work also sometimes you face sycophants , people who are rigid , insensitive and don’t see the logic in the point . Sometimes I had horrible bosses but I have stood up each time for the things which I believed in even if I was no longer in their good books . For me it is important  to have a balanced approach .Honesty and integrity are the foundation stones for any relationship be it in home or work.

There can be difference in opinion , our mind is influenced by so many factors . But that does not mean we allow others to rule above us . Courage is the ability to say good to good and bad to bad . IF you are courageous you don’t need approval from others , you do it because you believe in certain things . You believe in the goodness of karma , believe in the values of honesty ,friendship and fortitude.

Between family and friends , sometimes we need to tell bitter truth . Truth always hurts if our mind is not conditioned enough to handle the facts that arise out of it. But if you can find people who can show you the mirror , your real image and you have the courage to face that , you know you have grown up both spiritually and mentally . Age is not how many birthdays you have crossed but how you have grown up imbibing the values from our surrounding both spiritually and physically. Growing up is not option but sometimes some people just fail to grow up . In that case their entire progress is hindered . Ego has to go if you want to reach the pinnacle of success . Constructive criticism is important if you want to be successful . If you are ready to hear the truth which even if it hurts makes you a better person everyday, you know that you have come a long way . We need such people in our life who are ready to tell you what is truth not what you want to hear. Courage is having the ability to be rational , to be teachable , to be forthcoming to the criticism , to tread new waters without having the fear of failure in your heart. I would like to end with the lines written by Stephen Crane

Supposing that I should have the courage
To let a red sword of virtue
Plunge into my heart,
Letting to the weeds of the ground
My sinful blood,
What can you offer me?
A gardened castle?
A flowery kingdom?

What? A hope?
Then hence with your red sword of virtue.

Respect yourself and respect your body


Last two weeks have been really tumultuous with my Vedic Maths Workshop going on , mom not keeping well , new session starting for son . And somehow my blog was neglected . It was crying for my attention and finally I am here tending to her .

But despite the busy schedule I was having, one thing i did not miss was my exercise regime. I work out everyday for 45 minutes to 1 hour  in the gym . Yes we have  a gym in our apartment complex. Though not very sophisticted it is quite handy with some good equipments . My exercise regime includes a 15 minutes of warm up with half an hour on Elliptical or Treadmil and few minutes of stretching exercises . Coming from a diabetic family I do have insulin resistance and for me my exercise routine is one of the most significant part of my daily routine. In today’s fast moving world it is not only important to be healthy but  a necessity. After all everybody knows that ” A healthy mind resides in a healthy body ”

It has been proved again and again through numerous studies that physical activity like swimming , running , exercising releases the feel good hormones in our blood called endorphins . These harmones enhances your mood , makes you feel buoyant and happy .They also regulate your blood pressure and sugar level. A good start of the day ensures  you are ready to face the challenges at work or home. I was never a sporting person , i always prefered books to any sports. But when you are surrounded by people who are so physically fit you are inspired to lead a healthy life.

My father has been diabetic from last 30 years. But because of his fitness regime he has been able to sail through the ups and downs of his life. He has relentlessly pursued yoga , pranayam and brisk walking from last 20 years or so. I still cannot match his steps while walking along with him. I literally need to run huffing and panting . He has always been a great inspiration . IF that was not enough I am married to a person who is a marathon runner. Amit is one adrenaline junkie and has competed in more than few dozen marathons. In fact Last year he was the only Indian to participate in the full marathon at Edmonton,Canada. His energy caught with me too and i was inspired to participate in the Pinkathon , the only ladies run which happen all over India in the metros.

The point is it is necessary to be healthy and fit. So decide what you love to do , it can be brisk walking , running , swimming or pumping iron in the gym . Devise a schedule and stick to it. Once you are addicted to it , you will find that it is really difficult to give any excuse not to follow the fitness regime.  The rush of morning air ruffling your hair , the sweet cocophany of the birds and bees , the trees and flowers swaying in the morning breeze will make your entire day beautiful . As someone has rightly said , ” A fit healthy body is the best fashion statement you can make ”


A little help can make a huge difference – Help Nepal


On Saturday i.e 25th April 2015 , the world woke up to the news of severe earthquake ravaging the Himalayan kingdom , Nepal. The media , both print and electronic was full with the news of people loosing their kith and kin , images of people crying . buildings falling like pack of cards .The damage was devastating and several historical sites in Nepal were merely reduced to rubles. The earthquake was not limited to Nepal but tremors were felt in Indian subcontinent  also in the adjoining states of Bihar , Jharkhand and parts of West Bengal.

Till now 10,000 people are believed to have been lost in this natural catastrophe and that is just an official number . The actual number would be much higher and there are countless people who have lost their near and dear ones , their homes and belongings . Can we imagine a child stranded in this world with nothing to look up ? Can there be more scary picture than this ? A old women loosing everything and all around she sees is misery , a fight for survival , a fight for basic amenities ?

The calamities of such magnitude reconfirms how miniscule we are in front of nature’s fury. And when nature lashes its anger , many get crushed in just few moments . And that’s the reason  we should protect  nature and not misuse it for our greed and wants. The Himalayan kingdom sits on the belt where the indo-australian plate pushes the Eurasian plate and geographically its one of the most volatile reason . Their collision itself gave birth to the Himalayan region. But rampant deforestation , construction and misuse of natural resources definitely adds to it.

But in spite of all this , the human spirit survives despite all odds.And there are pictures of four month child rescued under the debris . People and Army risking their lives to save the people stranded in the middle of nothing and left with no food , water or shelter.This just give hope that life continues and the human spirit cannot be curtailed by even the most grim situations.There are people and organizations pitching to help people who are left with nothing to survive in the most treacherous situation . Here I have compiled a list for the organizations who are doing their bit to help people in Nepal to survive the extreme conditions .

Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund

Here is the list published by BBC to donate for the rebuilding of Nepal and help people to survive this extreme condition . Please do your bit , they need our help.

Another easy way is also to donate through facebook and there are some reputed organizations who are organizing drive for collecting food packets, cup noodles , soup packets, clothes and medicines in every city. I urge you to help , a small step will go a long way to help the survivors in this difficult times.  After all we are the children of the same god and in the difficult times every help counts.

Where Shall We meet?


Where Shall We Meet?

When I see the sky

Do you gaze too?

And do you see the same colors?

The same vagrancy


And when the breeze blows

Do you smell the same flowers?

When the birds sing the morning song

Do you hear the same notes?


And when the flowers dance

In the eternal love

Does your heart prance too?

As the leaves tremble in the first rain


Sometimes when I walk alone

And memories of you come knocking

I wonder where we will meet

Here or in thoughts we converge?

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