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Love is in the air …Really?



Valentine’s day just passed by . With such  mammoth marketing , even an orang-utan now knows that is the day where you go on your knees down and proclaim love for your dream boy/girl .The newspapers , media everywhere  is flooded with heart shaped balloons and advertisement asking you to take for helicopter ride , candle-light dinner and what not.

Is it really Love ? A boy meets a girl and their hearts melt and slowly they are wedded in bliss . My dear that’s nothing but our raging hormones and nature’s own way to proliferate. The intrinsic character of Nature is to grow. And hence the biology of animals and homosapiens is shaped like a way that they desire to copulate and we confuse it with eternal love.

In my journey till now I have discovered my own definition of love . That definition may not be perfect but surely I have deciphered my own nuances of love.Love is not object dependent .It is only about you , about your own existence , being comfortable in your skin and accepting yourself .In the tribulations of life we are sometimes so engaged that we forget about ourselves and self loathing starts creeping in .When  you  accept your flaws then only you can love yourself . And when you love yourself , you can love others. If you cannot love yourself you can never love others. But sometimes people love themselves so much that they forget about others . That is nothing but pride , ego and arrogance. Where there is love , there is never any ego.True love asks for sacrifice of ego.

Love is a state of bliss , a state where you are so ensconced that anybody who comes near you get the whiff of that fragrance. . I an a big follower of Sadhguru , his philosophy and his teachings. In one of his discourse he explains that you can be in love with a tree or a stone too. When you want something in return that is not love but transaction. If you are in love with yourself  a feeling of compassion comes in . That itself is s beautiful . Love and compassion are two ingredients that make our life worth living for , devoid of this we will turn into animals. Love is our intrinsic nature , we need to cultivate that , this can only help us to transcend and enter the realm of Godliness. I truly believe that in such tumultuous times , the world needs more lovers and healers . Lovers who transcend the boundaries of religion , country and  caste . What are your thoughts on love ? Have you discovered its eternal side ? I would love to hear your side of story too….

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A magical Kitchen

desertIt was Sunday Noon , all are in brooding mood at home . The Son busy playing with his new toy , a remote controlled aircraft he got from his aunt. And I am contemplating to finish all the daily Chores so that I can start working on the new project.

And hubby has gone to the market to get some groceries and a hair cut. In the meantime Son rushes to me , ” Maa,  Can I have a sizzling desert in the night ?”  With twinkling eyes he looks at me affectionately with his puppy look. This look mostly melts the most unyielding hearts.

I try not to relent . And then he sheepishly comes and sashays behind me as the most coyish calf on the town , “Maa I will finish all my work , study for the test and will help you to clean the table also” Trying to hide my smile , I tease him , ” I don’t know how to make a sizzling desert” . And he replies back , “But you have a magical kitchen ”

I cannot help smiling back.  I tease him , “Do you know what to put in your sizzling desert ? “And he says nonchalantly , “Put whatever you want but don’t forget to put lot of chocolate sauce on the plate . And You need to heat the plate first.

And Voila the magical kitchen produced the most scrumptious desert . Magically the desert also disappeared in few minutes though I managed to grab few spoons 🙂

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Where Shall We meet?


Where Shall We Meet?

When I see the sky

Do you gaze too?

And do you see the same colors?

The same vagrancy


And when the breeze blows

Do you smell the same flowers?

When the birds sing the morning song

Do you hear the same notes?


And when the flowers dance

In the eternal love

Does your heart prance too?

As the leaves tremble in the first rain


Sometimes when I walk alone

And memories of you come knocking

I wonder where we will meet

Here or in thoughts we converge?

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Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you. Loretta Young
Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.
Loretta Young

Happy Valentine day to all my Readers. Love is a great feeling, whatever said about it is not sufficient. A poem dedicated to unrequited love , for sometimes you cannot have whom you love the most.

It happens just one day

The person you love walks past you

Like a faint fragrance she lingers

And you don’t know what to do.


You  dream for her honey laced voice

Her tussore touch  and dimpled smile

Holding her hand under the azure sky

And counting the waves.


The memories tug your heart

For she was the one you loved

She is a dream , she is a mirage

She is a song that plays in your heart.

A letter to the child in you …


Few days before it was Children’s day and my son reminded  me ” Mamma today is children’s day and it was Chacha Nehru’s birthday and he used to love children . So I can do whatever i want but you should not scold me  ” I could not help smiling back . I am writing  this post today as my child  reminded me that there is a child in each one of us and we just need to hear him/her with a little bit of patience. A letter addressed to the grown up  adult from the child he was few years back.

Dear Adult ,

Remember you were a child few years back and you used to be as carefree as the the bird flying high up in the sky . You used to never think of the past or the future , just used to live in the moment . Whether it is fighting over a game or some scolding from your parent/teacher . You used to cry sometimes and maybe cajole your friend to lend that toy which you used to love so much . But now when you are grown up , why you have become so stubborn? Why you don’t talk to your mother / brother  if you have an altercation and remember it for weeks / months ? Your mother’s affection has not changed maybe it has just increased . But why when your parents say something to you which you don’t like to hear , you keep it in your heart and never let it go ? Have you forgotten that they are the ones who remained awake all night when you were suffering from high fever ?

When your friends used to ask for sharing the chocolates which your uncle had got from some special place you were always ready to do that . But now when you get something which you adore you think thousand of times to share with your dear ones. You used to fight with your friends vowing never to see each other but next day you used to play as if nothing has happened . But now when you are grown up why you keep the trivial things in your heart and forget about the good times which you have spent with your best friend. Don’t you know that life is small ?

Why on the name of job you keep doing things which you don’t like ? And you keep telling that one day I will be the painter , cartoonist , a musician . Have you forgotten the lofty dreams which you used to see ? Why you don’t take the courage to be someone which you always wanted to do ? Do you think that in someway I can help you ? Can I be your guiding angel ? Do let me know because I am still alive in you ? But you have been  ignoring me from many years ? Stop running and listen to me because if you will not pay attention now maybe I will be lost forever .

Lots of love ,

The child in you.

An unexpected Visitor


Last week I went to Chennai for some family need. My cousin lives there with his wife and son. His house was located in a quiet street in the city with beautiful trees lining all around.

A very cozy house , my sister-in-law had beautifully decorated her house. After night’s sleep when I woke up , my sister-in-law was making tea for all of us . And suddenly I hear a very loud sound coming from the kitchen window. The sound looked so familiar . Suddenly a cute squirrel pops out and look at my sister-in-law with gentle eyes. My sister-in-law takes out few groundnuts and almonds and keep at the window altar . The squirrel nibbles on the nuts and takes the remaining with her. My  sister-in-law remarks that yesterday I forgot to gave her food and she was hollering from morning. And I smile at her seeing the unexpected visitor.

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It’s a small world.


It was one of those hot days , hot because it was still march.  The year was 1992 when  my annual exams were going to start in a week . One of my cousin from my mother’s side was fixed for a meeting with a prospective life partner .

Her name was Nidhi and I found her very good looking with a mole just above her lips and silky , shiny hair . She was all ready bathed , adorned in a mustard yellow saree chosen from my mother’s wardrobe and matching jewelry . There was commotion all around with variety of preparations at home for the groom and the family , home getting sprayed and scented with dad’s favorite perfume . And a bunch of flowers from the garden daisies ,cosmos , dahlia adorning one of the corner of the living room in a vase which my mother has supposedly picked from a trip to Darjeeling .

Soon the groom arrives with the family and my mother ask us to go and sit in the corner room. We could hear some muffled sounds , laughter and then the silence . Nidhi asks me to peek at the groom and though hesitant , i was curious how he looks  and the overall demeanor.  He was tall , lanky wearing specs and dressed in off white pants and a maroon shirt. He looked affable and found him handsome at my first evaluation .

After the snacks , tea was over it was time to meet  Nidhi with Anil . Yes I forgot to tell you the groom’s name was Anil Gupta . Everybody leaves the room so that they can talk to each other . Few hours  back when I was talking to Nidhi , i just wanted to know what are the things which she is looking in her  partner . And she starts that I want someone who can be friend , being faithful to her feelings , someone who loves reading and travelling and gives her own  space. And have mutual respect for each other ideas . I said , ” Amen Nidhi , you will get someone like that ”  After almost one hour when Nidhi finishes her talk and emerges from the room I found her reflective and in a pensive mood. With an inquisitive smile I ask  her hesitantly , ” So how did it go , and what you guys spoke to each other ?” Did you like him ? And I see her eyes on the verge of shedding tears .. I was troubled , apologetic too , ” Sorry don’t bother , You don’t need to tell me anything if you don’t like ” . Nidhi said , ” No no , actually , I did not like him , I felt that he is scrutinizing me , asking so many questions , was it some kind of interview or what ?”

After almost two months since this incident we were slated to go and attend marriage function in Patna . Nidhi was also supposed to come there with my uncle and aunt and we were excited that we will get to spend some time together . So , on the day of reception when we were all dressed up in our best attire and Nidhi was dressed up in a chiffon pink salwar suit and was looking ravishing. We were having good time with family and friends , suddenly i see a familiar face walking towards us . And , Lo this is none other than but Mr . Anil Gupta . And the first thing which crosses my mind , ” So what on earth he is doing here ? ” After exchanging friendly hellos he asks me politely if he can speak to my cousin in isolation. Mr.  Anil  Gupta happens to be the first cousin of the bride whose marriage function we came to attend .

And though Nidhi was signalling me to stay , i just walk away to give them some time . After almost 2 years of dating from their second meeting , they get married in a grand ceremony and soon get blessed with a beautiful daughter .They still happens to be one of the most loving couple I know.

Whenever I think of this incident , my mind hums , ” IT’S A SMALL WORLD “.

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