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My first running experience


It was a treadathon , a warm up event for Pinkathon which is being held in multiple cities across India to raise awareness for breast cancer among women . The team of Ace  Runners  was participating in the treadathon and my hubby requested me to take part as they were missing their one runner. I am no runner , in fact I was never athletic . I would be the last person to participate in any sporting even in school or college .But last few years I have been working out in the gym just to keep myself fit as diabetes runs in my family . And having a tough time during my pregnancy I have learnt that having good heath is not an option but a necessity .

Treadathon  is basically a marathon on treadmill . And you need to run on a treadmill continuously . So , the event was divided in two categories . First one was 12 athletes running for 12 hours  and second was 6 athletes running for 6 hours nonstop . My hubby was super excited . He is a fitness freak and a marathon runner too. So , when u have such vibrant energy at home you cannot remain untouched . We had packed our bags with necessary towels, medical kit and some spare clothes . The event was being held in Phoenix Marketcity , a huge mall in Bangalore and one of my favorite too . As soon as I reached the venue , I was taken aback and pleaded ,” R u kidding me ? I need to run on a treadmill in the central atrium with hundreds of eyes watching me “.  But hubby dear coaxed and cajoled , ” It ‘s nothing . You will enjoy it . See the other teams are running too . “At that time I just wanted to run away .But somehow i gathered my strength and reminded myself that I have come so far so at least I can just stay and watch . The energy was palpable and infectious with awesome tracks beings played in the background . Milind Soman playing the gracious host and obliging everyone asking for a snap . And then there was Zumba with Timtim sharma showing some great moves , enthralling everyone present there . I had never experienced such a vibrant and positive energy .

And when my turn came for running I was little nervous but I let myself loose to soak in the pulsating environment . And I ran for almost 1 hour 10 minutes with 2 breaks with an average speed of 6-7 . I was feeling good as I was not myself sure that I can do that in front of so many people . And the best reward I got when my hubby came and told me “You did great . I am so proud of you ” And I was in the moon , floating with the clouds . This one complement had made my day and answered all my effort.To top it all Bangalore runners smashed the current record of Treadathon India held by Delhi runners. They broke it by a whopping 5Km bringing their mileage of 12hrs to a grand total of 189.38K. The cheer , the laughter and the camaraderie uplifts the mood and you start seeing positive in everything around you.

I realized till now I was missing something in my life and am so glad that I went for this run. Our health is in our hands . And only you can work for your well being , nobody else can. So stop giving excuses and take out that me time for a sport/ exercise which you enjoy. Find your inspiration and GET , SET and GO.

Our team with Milind Soman
Our team with Milind Soman

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