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Love is in the air …Really?



Valentine’s day just passed by . With such  mammoth marketing , even an orang-utan now knows that is the day where you go on your knees down and proclaim love for your dream boy/girl .The newspapers , media everywhere  is flooded with heart shaped balloons and advertisement asking you to take for helicopter ride , candle-light dinner and what not.

Is it really Love ? A boy meets a girl and their hearts melt and slowly they are wedded in bliss . My dear that’s nothing but our raging hormones and nature’s own way to proliferate. The intrinsic character of Nature is to grow. And hence the biology of animals and homosapiens is shaped like a way that they desire to copulate and we confuse it with eternal love.

In my journey till now I have discovered my own definition of love . That definition may not be perfect but surely I have deciphered my own nuances of love.Love is not object dependent .It is only about you , about your own existence , being comfortable in your skin and accepting yourself .In the tribulations of life we are sometimes so engaged that we forget about ourselves and self loathing starts creeping in .When  you  accept your flaws then only you can love yourself . And when you love yourself , you can love others. If you cannot love yourself you can never love others. But sometimes people love themselves so much that they forget about others . That is nothing but pride , ego and arrogance. Where there is love , there is never any ego.True love asks for sacrifice of ego.

Love is a state of bliss , a state where you are so ensconced that anybody who comes near you get the whiff of that fragrance. . I an a big follower of Sadhguru , his philosophy and his teachings. In one of his discourse he explains that you can be in love with a tree or a stone too. When you want something in return that is not love but transaction. If you are in love with yourself  a feeling of compassion comes in . That itself is s beautiful . Love and compassion are two ingredients that make our life worth living for , devoid of this we will turn into animals. Love is our intrinsic nature , we need to cultivate that , this can only help us to transcend and enter the realm of Godliness. I truly believe that in such tumultuous times , the world needs more lovers and healers . Lovers who transcend the boundaries of religion , country and  caste . What are your thoughts on love ? Have you discovered its eternal side ? I would love to hear your side of story too….

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Looking forward and taking a stock of the year gone by !


Another new day , and a new year which has 365 opportunities to make you happy , sad , elated , loved and i can go on and on. But do we really have control on how we steer the incidents or happenings in our lives ?

Look inside and the answer will be big NO . But we definitely choose how we react to those incidents and how bravely we steer to come out unfazed with a renewed zeal . 2013 was a great year . I made some beautiful friends , had some interesting trips , found a new home at the blogging world , met some wonderful bloggers , ran my first marathon , worked for some of very commendable NGOs ( Sneha care , Bosco Mane ) . There were some tough times too as they say life after all is  not a bed of roses …. but I sailed through somehow with my inner strength and love from my near and dear ones.As I look forward in 2014 ,here is my bucket list…

1. Be always Happy and Outrageous  : Have you tried this ? Try this and you will be surprised how a smile can help you to sail through all your odds . It is so infectious that even the most dull soul cannot remain unfazed .And I want to cultivate this happy feeling in my day to day life.

2.Write , write and write more : Yes I want to write and write it all , blogs , articles and anything to do with words , words which come from the bottom of my heart .. words which can inspire … words which empathize … Words which can cry and laugh with you..Also my deep desire to see my name on print . How cool is that .. 😀

3. Travel , unravel and discover : I spent the last days of 2013 in the beautiful Kanyakumari .. the place which I was longing to go for a long time .. i have the deep desire to go to Kashmir … and literally can say that yes I have seen India … from kashmir to kanyakumari . Another wish is for my parents to take them on their first international trip.

4. Read my long list of books  : I love reading . And I have a long list of books which I wanted to read from long time . I just wish to find more time or manage well so that I can read those beautiful books . I really need to catch up on this .

5. More quality time with my child : My six year old is a bundle of energy . And loves to get my attention . I wish to be more patient with him . It is wonderful how a child can teach you valuable lessons in life . Try to be in his shoes and you will know how life becomes easy because a child knows how to live in the present moment and does not care about past or future.

6. Run more marathons : I want to be physically fit . I love going to gyms but I have been irregular . Last month I ran my first marathon . My hubby has been pestering me for such a long time . This time I relented and I was happy that I did . There is such a vibrant energy that makes you feel so buoyant . Also my son was the youngest to complete the marathon . It was such a satisfying start for me. See more pics here.

What is your bucket list ? Do you have something in common ?  I wish all of you a very happy and prosperous new year . And as I say always May we find the greater purpose of our life for which we are born with . Stay blessed and stay happy . From my heart to yours I wish you love ,love and more love.

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A blessing in disguise

She is calm ,composed but I am the one who is chirpy and impulsive . She is very independent minded and likes to have her own space and I am the one who needs to be around with family  all the time.

She hates writing and I just love it. She is the one who loves adventure sports but I just love to watch it on the small screen .

But we both love to travel new places , try new cuisine , watch movies and read a wide array of books.

We are so much different yet so alike in many ways . She happens to my best friend and my little sister . Missing her now as she is away working in Montreal . LOVE YOU , Neha Kishore …


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Conditions Apply

holding hands

I am what I am

Not the one you want to see

I come with my own

Light and darkness

And that’s what makes me apart

Friendship is pious and unconditional

The sacred thread that binds two souls

A beacon in the dark alleys

Illuminating the treacherous path of life

Don’t tag with Conditions Apply

PS : Some thoughts on friendship and relations . Sometimes we overburden our lives with our expectations and ideologies and make our life complicated . Why is that we always tag our relationship with our preconceived notions . Let us be uncomplicated and veer towards love and happiness. If you want to call somebody , call them now , don’t wait for them to call you back , if you want to say I love you , do it now .If you have done something wrong say it now and say that you regret it.


I am also down with fever and cold , need your warm words and some TLC 🙂

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If Only You Were Here

A fascination

Lost in  time , Her essence

Buried in my soul  , Forever


I remember the first day when I was admitted to a new school in Class 3  at Dhanbad . The principal happened to be my grandfather’s friend . Those time admissions to any school never used to be a daunting task . After clearing all the formalities I was ushered by my class teacher to my new class . I was wearing a white frock with pink ruffles  . I still did not have my school dress and it was ok to wear colored dress for few days .

She was looking at me with her inquisitive smile , her large brown eyes constantly peering at me with warmth .  In the lunch time when I was eating my snacks  alone as I was too shy to go to anyone she came towards me and offered me her lunch , ” Do you want some puris ?” and I was taken aback by her sweet voice . I gladly accepted and our friendship started . Her name was Priyanka and she became my confidante .A friendship that is not judged or led by narrow thinking of so called grown-ups , innocence which can touch heart and smile that can fade all the miseries in oblivion.

Priyanka was my first brand ambassador, rooting for me to become class Monitor , saving the last morsel of tasty food for me , clapping first and till last even for the most insignificant achievement ,her dainty fingers never pained and her words always singing hymns of praise in front of others . One day , when school got over , I and my brother sat on the rickshaw to come to home , she climbed back saying that she wants to come to my home with me . I got down and asked where is her driver who comes to pick her from the school. And she replied that her parents are out of town and she already told his driver to come and pick her from my home .

I was naive  and did not have any option but to believe her  . My mother was surprised to see that first time I have got a school friend to home.She asked me about her and I told her the whole story . Ours was a joint family with uncle , aunts , grandparents and a host of other relatives who will come dropping by . My mother gave supper to me and Priyanka . She even wore my blue polka dotted dress and we started playing in the parapet roof .

In the mean time her driver came and after not finding her in the school and of course searching in the class , cafeteria, playground etc panicked and went home to report that she is missing . Her parents got cold feet and rushed to school . The principal , teachers everybody assembled in the school . And soon police also came . In the evening a  vehicle was hired to make the announcement of her missing from the school . We had a hotel in the town and one of my uncle heard the announcement . Dhanbad is a district town and it was 80’s , a time where consumerism has not driven out our social values and in every street there were people whom we had known for years.  When my uncle heard the announcement he was startled as he knew that this is the school where we studied .

Late evening when he came for some errand he was surprised to see Priyanka . He asked about her whereabouts and then told the missing story to my mother . My mother was shocked to hear that and they became confident that the missing girl is none but priyanka . Everybody went to the school , her parents were informed and soon they came to the school .I was too small to even understand what would have gone in her parent’s mind when they would have found her missing.

Next day She came to the school , her demeanor like a placid lake as if nothing had happened . A year passed where we laughed , teased each other , made fun of others ,shared food .  I was a sincere child always doing my work on time, listening attentively to the teachers . At the end of term when the results were announced I came second in the class. Priyanka kept clapping for me and stopped only when she was reminded by our teacher .  In arguments she will be the first person to support me , the only one who will keep staring at me for any performance as if she is start-struck for life. I failed to understand her unflinching support and her affection .

In the next term I moved to Bokaro and she also moved to Jamshedpur as her father got a transfer . And we lost touch and I lost my first best friend , a friendship that can fill anyone’s heart with joy, a friendship which would have blossomed in a life long relation if it would have continued . She would have been my soul-sister , my BFF , my confidante IF ONLY YOU WERE HERE ,  IF ONLY YOU WERE HERE

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COLORS – Through my words


The BLUE firmament was overcast with GREY clouds floating like sails . It was hot and humid in the village of Shahgarh , a tiny hamlet nestled in Jaisalmer . Suhani was incessantly looking at the overcast sky , her  GREEN eyes gleaming with hope . Will it rain ? Will the rain god be kind enough to satiate their thirst ? 

A gust of wind suddenly ruffles her RED veil and she feels the balmy touch of raindrops in her cheek. She turns PINK  with joy , dancing in the sudden downpour.

NOTE :- Areas around Shahgarh ( in Jaisalmer District receives the least rainfall in India ) . This post was written to highlight the sudden climatic changes which we are facing and the importance of rains in our life .

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Let us be more sensitive towards children !


Holy Spirit rises 

Battered , Choked

Can it find love again ?

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day . The word suicide has bought back a flood of memories . I grew up in SAIL CITY ,Bokaro  . Bokaro has a very cosmopolitan outlook as  people from all corners of India are residing here  . Being a planned city where people are mostly working in the steel plant it has a very homogeneous society .  Education is the main focus of people here and due to its engineering background , I remember 90% ( trying to be liitle pessimistic here ) of parents and children aspired to become one of them . I remember my father’s colleagues or my neighbors visiting us and the main topic of discussion would be the Board exam result , IIT jee result etc. It was so annoying . My father has always been a very progressive man and he never forced his decision on us .

But it was disheartening to see that many of my friends and juniors had to suffer because they were pressurized to perform or choose a stream which they never wanted to study . Why we attach so much importance to grade , marks , rank  or any profession ? In trying to choose a safe career don’t we kill the creativity of our children ?  I remember I opted for  Industrial Engineering when I got admitted into BIT Sindri , a state level college of high reputation.Many of my friends had asked me why not computer science or electronics ? I was clear that I wanted to study that field . We were group of eight girls from Bokaro who were studying in Sindri . Deepika ( Name changed)  was one of them and I remember that she never used to sleep whenever we had exams . Her eyes will be blood shot and she will be roaming with a book like a lunatic.

I failed to comprehend why she will study so hard . One day while we were waking up , we came to know that Deepika’s sister has committed suicide as she scored only 78 % in her board exams and not 90 % as everybody in the family wanted her to do so . Her face came flashing in front of me . She was such a timid and shy girl with a faint smile and eyes which were in search of warmth.

The matter was hushed affair . It was evident that she was suffering from depression . Everybody  in the family and her classmates , teachers expected her to outperform others but she could only score that much , a distinction but not appreciated by the people around her . What could have gone into her mind that made her take such drastic step ?

She was found hanging in her room with her dupatta . In the morning when the family came to know about it , it was too late . Why we are so insensitive to our own children ? Why we are unable to understand the distress signals ? Why we cannot go and tell them that you have done spectacular ? Why we cannot hug them tightly and tell them to be whatever they want and not force our decisions on them ?

Suicide in children and teenagers can be prevented only when the parents , teachers and the surrounding provide a safe and healthy environment . Let us not overload our aspiration and dreams on them . Let them do whatever they want , take them into confidence , have a friendly and sensitive approach towards them . Life has endless possibilities and it should not be guided by the narrow parameters of our own constricted thinking.

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The path of Freedom !


The path of freedom

An arduous journey

Hopes Dreams Equality

Evolve and Improve

A never ending quest

Yesterday we  were celebrating our 67th independence day . It was a day to remember the sacrifices and atrocities  which our brave soldiers withstood so that we can breathe in free air . That time the people of India fought together to free themselves from the British Raj .

Being World’s largest democracy now has this freedom need to be retrospected ?? What is the significance of freedom today ?

Freedom is  of thoughts and actions , to be yourself , to dream  and to realize whatever you want to be in your life , writer , painter ,singer , dancer and not getting bogged down by the rules of society .

For me freedom is to roam in the night without worrying  that there are people lurking in the corners looking to attack you .

Freedom is to dance as nobody is watching , not to be labeled by the society’s parameters.

Freedom is to let choose a girl / boy whatever they want to be in their life and not to differentiate by our own moral standards .

Freedom is to be reasonable and responsible for our actions  , with freedom also comes restrain , without restrain freedom can go berserk. Freedom is to live and let live , not to differentiate by caste , creed or religion .

Freedom is to be proud by our achievements and deeds but not getting glorified by our inheritance.

Freedom is to get the work done without standing in the queue and not by paying bribe .

Freedom is of knowledge being available to the common man . Freedom is to have a good night sleep and looking forward to the new day with an invigorating enthusiasm .

I think we still have a long way to go …………………………………………………………….

Happy Independence day folks ! May we achieve independence in our thoughts and actions !

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extrapolated in your arms
Needs no boundaries

Love is the most sublime feeling which we experience in our life . From the time we are born till we breath our last . Have we ever thought what will happen if we are devoid of love , we  will become zombies. Love gives a purpose to our life and a direction to the ship sailing in this vast ocean . It is like a force which protect us from unforeseen events , guiding us in dark days and giving a hope for the future . Love has the power to conquer the insurmountable , it is like a guiding angel which help us to overcome any obstacles .

A life empty of love is not worth living . It is like a desert . So , hold on to your loved ones they will always be there for you no matter what . Seasons come and go but people who love you truly are always there for you,you just need to remember them in your heart.  And they will come looking for you . No boundaries of time , religion , money  stands in a way when your love is pious.

Sharing a famous poem by Maya Angelou

We, unaccustomed to courage

exiles from delight

live coiled in shells of loneliness

until love leaves its high holy temple

and comes into our sight

to liberate us into life.

Love arrives

and in its train come ecstasies

old memories of pleasure

ancient histories of pain.

Yet if we are bold,

love strikes away the chains of fear

from our souls.

We are weaned from our timidity

In the flush of love’s light

we dare be brave

And suddenly we see

that love costs all we are

and will ever be.

Yet it is only love

which sets us free.