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A journey to Hampi


Buried in pages of time
Rising Like a phoenix
My scars tell million Fables

This is the most famous chariot from the ruins of Hampi in the Vittala temple Complex . Some journeys are made for rejuvenation , some for fun and some for your soul . And this was surely for my soul . Standing amidst these ruins we are transformed in an era which makes you retrospect , gazing in that time where life was about survival yet so enriched in art and culture . My heart swells with pride to see these ruins . They are an architecture marvel , representing such a rich heritage of our country and also the relentless pursuits of human spirit to reach the zenith .

On the way  we saw thousand sunflowers dancing merrily . We could feel the crispness in the air.

Sky and Sunflower




The carvings in the black marble at the Hazar Ram temple , Depicting thousand scenes from the Ramayana , was amazing .


This is the lotus Mahal  , located between the dwellings of King and queen where they would come and meet . The scented water infused with saffron and Kewda would be filled from the top and it will trickle down to all its columns and make it cool in the summer and  release fragrance. Quite intriguing , is n’t it ?Hampi_Heritage-22


The overview  of Hampi  City at dusk . The remnants of our glorious past and hope the future is more promising !



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Goa in Monsoon – The Best trip of my life

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Goa is one of the most famous destination in India frequented by lakhs of people all over the world . Goa has something for every soul , backpackers , couples , families , youth . I and my hubby Amit are literally water babies . We love anything to do with water whether it is snorkeling , Para-gliding , water rafting or just snoozing for endless hours in the beach/river side.

This trip was taken in the month of August 2010 . We have visited Goa innumerable times  and in almost every season but during monsoon Goa has an altogether different aura . We had decided to drive down . There are many routes but since we were traveling with family , we had zeroed on Bangalore – Tumkur – Sira – Chitradurga – Davangere – Ranibennur –  Mirjan – Ankola – Karwar –  Palolem Beach – Madgaon – Panaji  .   If there are multiple drivers you can drive down in one day but since my son was quite young , we took a night halt in Karwar .  Next morning we proceeded towards Goa .  The drive is mesmerizing during monsoon . The green fields , quaint villages and the company of never ending clouds made the journey bewitching . From Haveri to Karwar the road snakes through idyllic villages where hardly people were visible . It was constantly drizzling

Showers of passion

Aroused the  parched earth

Myriad flowers bloom

We felt that God is constantly showering blessings on us . It was just magical . Next morning after freshening up and having scrumptious dosas at Karwar Hotel we proceeded towards North Goa. From Karwar to North Goa the drive is splendid , passing through deserted beaches and breathtaking views of the rustic life on country side . Such journey breaks the monotony of a tired city soul and  invigorates us with a renewed energy .  As soon as we enter goa , the Portuguese influence on the lifestyle becomes evident , the architecture of houses , the bay windows , the attire and the cuisine.

We are very fond of Baga-Calangute stretch which is located in north Goa . This was a long trip of five days and each day was planned to experience the different nuances of Goan life . Goa in monsoon is everything which we can dream of  the building are washed clean , the beaches and the sea rush into each other as forlorn lovers , the paddy fields are lush with greenery all around . It is never ending vista of bountiful images which just dances on our senses . The romanticism of Goa is a perfect accompaniment to the mysticism of monsoon . It is what love stories are made of the swelling seas , the lonesome chapels , the deserted churches , the glistening roads and the hugely pregnant skies. All these images conjure only one enduring truth about a lover’s plight

Lonesome lover

Waiting for eternity

Even rain is no Solace

From here on let me take you to a pictorial journey as sometimes words don’t do enough justice to the beauty of the place.Goa in Monsoon-5

Goa in Monsoon-8

Goa in Monsoon-1


Goa in Monsoon-13

 Goa in Monsoon-6

Goa Church-5Goa in Monsoon-9DSCN1059 Goa in Monsoon-2

TalaCauvery – Floating with the clouds

There are umpteen times we went to Coorg , a coffee county , nestled in the western ghats. But never got the opportunity to visit Talacauvery , the origin of Kaveri , lifeline of Karnataka and the adjoining states . This time when we started our journey to coorg my only hidden wish was to visit Ranaganathitu and Talacauvery.

A river is like a mother feeding the land and enriching the soil throughout its course and life . And the river Kaveri does the same to the state of Karnataka . Talacauvery is 46 kms away from madikeri and about 85 kms from Kushalnagar . The drive from Kushalnagar to Madikeri and further to Talacauvery is verdant and heady with all the greenery around . During the monsoon time , you can experience the lushness of the place at its best. The road snakes through coffee and pepper plantation , coconut groves and green paddy fields winding through small hillocks and  houses perched on them . The view is breathtaking .


The journey is more enthralling than the destination and my mind was besotted with all the greenery  .You also encounter  small shops run by coffee planters association which sell many homegrown products like coffee , spices like cardamom , cinnamon , cloves etc , homemade wines and array of dry fruits and hand made  chocolates . We stopped at one place called COFEE  PUB which was collectively run by 8 coorgi women . And one of this lady  has draped her saree in coorgi fashion typical of that area . We enjoyed filter coffee here and were ready to proceed .


You need to cross the madikeri town to go to talcauvery .  It is located by Brahmagiri hill  near Bhagamandala . You cannot see the river course except during the rainy season.

The Bhagamandala has a beautiful temple and the river cauvery just flow a little distance away from the temple . From bhagmandala the journey is uphill and you just get intoxicated in the spectrum of flora which marks the path all along . It was slightly drizzling and so were all shrouded in the fog which engulfed the entire way . There are few view points from where you can see the picturesque villages and the green fields .


Once we reached talacauvery ,  a huge ornate gate  welcomed us to this sacred place.

IMG_4496 Clouds came descending and made me felt that I was one of them gliding and searching for a new destination . Somehow recollected the famous lines of Wordsworth

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

The mist not only drenched our body but soul too  and thus making us believe that we all are part of a plan in this vast universe. The purity of place enthralls our body , mind and soul to make us as gentle as clouds.

There is a beautiful temple erected in the  vicinity  for goddess Cauvery. The river originates as a spring feeding to a tank, which is considered to be a holy place to bathe on special days. The waters are then said to flow underground to emerge as the Cauvery river some distance away.From here we need to climb 407 steps to a small hill from where we can see the beautiful view of Western ghats .


The hills shrouded in the mist and the clouds covering like a veil from the naughty rays of the sun . Places like this help you to forget the misery of life and experience the oneness with nature , guiding us to for a path of self-discovery , unraveling the purpose which we have been born for .