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A letter to the child in you …


Few days before it was Children’s day and my son reminded  me ” Mamma today is children’s day and it was Chacha Nehru’s birthday and he used to love children . So I can do whatever i want but you should not scold me  ” I could not help smiling back . I am writing  this post today as my child  reminded me that there is a child in each one of us and we just need to hear him/her with a little bit of patience. A letter addressed to the grown up  adult from the child he was few years back.

Dear Adult ,

Remember you were a child few years back and you used to be as carefree as the the bird flying high up in the sky . You used to never think of the past or the future , just used to live in the moment . Whether it is fighting over a game or some scolding from your parent/teacher . You used to cry sometimes and maybe cajole your friend to lend that toy which you used to love so much . But now when you are grown up , why you have become so stubborn? Why you don’t talk to your mother / brother  if you have an altercation and remember it for weeks / months ? Your mother’s affection has not changed maybe it has just increased . But why when your parents say something to you which you don’t like to hear , you keep it in your heart and never let it go ? Have you forgotten that they are the ones who remained awake all night when you were suffering from high fever ?

When your friends used to ask for sharing the chocolates which your uncle had got from some special place you were always ready to do that . But now when you get something which you adore you think thousand of times to share with your dear ones. You used to fight with your friends vowing never to see each other but next day you used to play as if nothing has happened . But now when you are grown up why you keep the trivial things in your heart and forget about the good times which you have spent with your best friend. Don’t you know that life is small ?

Why on the name of job you keep doing things which you don’t like ? And you keep telling that one day I will be the painter , cartoonist , a musician . Have you forgotten the lofty dreams which you used to see ? Why you don’t take the courage to be someone which you always wanted to do ? Do you think that in someway I can help you ? Can I be your guiding angel ? Do let me know because I am still alive in you ? But you have been  ignoring me from many years ? Stop running and listen to me because if you will not pay attention now maybe I will be lost forever .

Lots of love ,

The child in you.