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Looking forward and taking a stock of the year gone by !


Another new day , and a new year which has 365 opportunities to make you happy , sad , elated , loved and i can go on and on. But do we really have control on how we steer the incidents or happenings in our lives ?

Look inside and the answer will be big NO . But we definitely choose how we react to those incidents and how bravely we steer to come out unfazed with a renewed zeal . 2013 was a great year . I made some beautiful friends , had some interesting trips , found a new home at the blogging world , met some wonderful bloggers , ran my first marathon , worked for some of very commendable NGOs ( Sneha care , Bosco Mane ) . There were some tough times too as they say life after all is  not a bed of roses …. but I sailed through somehow with my inner strength and love from my near and dear ones.As I look forward in 2014 ,here is my bucket list…

1. Be always Happy and Outrageous  : Have you tried this ? Try this and you will be surprised how a smile can help you to sail through all your odds . It is so infectious that even the most dull soul cannot remain unfazed .And I want to cultivate this happy feeling in my day to day life.

2.Write , write and write more : Yes I want to write and write it all , blogs , articles and anything to do with words , words which come from the bottom of my heart .. words which can inspire … words which empathize … Words which can cry and laugh with you..Also my deep desire to see my name on print . How cool is that .. 😀

3. Travel , unravel and discover : I spent the last days of 2013 in the beautiful Kanyakumari .. the place which I was longing to go for a long time .. i have the deep desire to go to Kashmir … and literally can say that yes I have seen India … from kashmir to kanyakumari . Another wish is for my parents to take them on their first international trip.

4. Read my long list of books  : I love reading . And I have a long list of books which I wanted to read from long time . I just wish to find more time or manage well so that I can read those beautiful books . I really need to catch up on this .

5. More quality time with my child : My six year old is a bundle of energy . And loves to get my attention . I wish to be more patient with him . It is wonderful how a child can teach you valuable lessons in life . Try to be in his shoes and you will know how life becomes easy because a child knows how to live in the present moment and does not care about past or future.

6. Run more marathons : I want to be physically fit . I love going to gyms but I have been irregular . Last month I ran my first marathon . My hubby has been pestering me for such a long time . This time I relented and I was happy that I did . There is such a vibrant energy that makes you feel so buoyant . Also my son was the youngest to complete the marathon . It was such a satisfying start for me. See more pics here.

What is your bucket list ? Do you have something in common ?  I wish all of you a very happy and prosperous new year . And as I say always May we find the greater purpose of our life for which we are born with . Stay blessed and stay happy . From my heart to yours I wish you love ,love and more love.

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