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Love is in the air …Really?



Valentine’s day just passed by . With such  mammoth marketing , even an orang-utan now knows that is the day where you go on your knees down and proclaim love for your dream boy/girl .The newspapers , media everywhere  is flooded with heart shaped balloons and advertisement asking you to take for helicopter ride , candle-light dinner and what not.

Is it really Love ? A boy meets a girl and their hearts melt and slowly they are wedded in bliss . My dear that’s nothing but our raging hormones and nature’s own way to proliferate. The intrinsic character of Nature is to grow. And hence the biology of animals and homosapiens is shaped like a way that they desire to copulate and we confuse it with eternal love.

In my journey till now I have discovered my own definition of love . That definition may not be perfect but surely I have deciphered my own nuances of love.Love is not object dependent .It is only about you , about your own existence , being comfortable in your skin and accepting yourself .In the tribulations of life we are sometimes so engaged that we forget about ourselves and self loathing starts creeping in .When  you  accept your flaws then only you can love yourself . And when you love yourself , you can love others. If you cannot love yourself you can never love others. But sometimes people love themselves so much that they forget about others . That is nothing but pride , ego and arrogance. Where there is love , there is never any ego.True love asks for sacrifice of ego.

Love is a state of bliss , a state where you are so ensconced that anybody who comes near you get the whiff of that fragrance. . I an a big follower of Sadhguru , his philosophy and his teachings. In one of his discourse he explains that you can be in love with a tree or a stone too. When you want something in return that is not love but transaction. If you are in love with yourself  a feeling of compassion comes in . That itself is s beautiful . Love and compassion are two ingredients that make our life worth living for , devoid of this we will turn into animals. Love is our intrinsic nature , we need to cultivate that , this can only help us to transcend and enter the realm of Godliness. I truly believe that in such tumultuous times , the world needs more lovers and healers . Lovers who transcend the boundaries of religion , country and  caste . What are your thoughts on love ? Have you discovered its eternal side ? I would love to hear your side of story too….

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A magical Kitchen

desertIt was Sunday Noon , all are in brooding mood at home . The Son busy playing with his new toy , a remote controlled aircraft he got from his aunt. And I am contemplating to finish all the daily Chores so that I can start working on the new project.

And hubby has gone to the market to get some groceries and a hair cut. In the meantime Son rushes to me , ” Maa,  Can I have a sizzling desert in the night ?”  With twinkling eyes he looks at me affectionately with his puppy look. This look mostly melts the most unyielding hearts.

I try not to relent . And then he sheepishly comes and sashays behind me as the most coyish calf on the town , “Maa I will finish all my work , study for the test and will help you to clean the table also” Trying to hide my smile , I tease him , ” I don’t know how to make a sizzling desert” . And he replies back , “But you have a magical kitchen ”

I cannot help smiling back.  I tease him , “Do you know what to put in your sizzling desert ? “And he says nonchalantly , “Put whatever you want but don’t forget to put lot of chocolate sauce on the plate . And You need to heat the plate first.

And Voila the magical kitchen produced the most scrumptious desert . Magically the desert also disappeared in few minutes though I managed to grab few spoons 🙂

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Love and Compassion


I was having an interesting discussion with a very close friend of mine and we were discussing about love and She said true love liberates you . IF something binds you , it is not love . It  is difficult to comprehend what she said  if you just give a cursory glance on this but look closely and you will know what it implies.

Love is the wings that makes you believe that you can fly in the sky without any help from anybody . True love asks the sacrifice of “I” , of identities . Any relationship which keeps on asking Why , how , When is not actually love. Love is eternal , distance and time are not the hindrance but bridges which connect two souls. Love does not expect anything in return , it is selfless and free from any expectations. True love gives you freedom , it does not bind you , it helps you to explore the divine side of self.

Love and compassion are the faces of the same coin . Compassion is formed from two words ,Co and passion. When you feel somebody’s pain as its own and want to help them selflessly that feeling is called compassion. Love and compassion are the two emotions that make us human and takes us on the path of godliness.In our day to day life also it is very important that when we want to do something for our family and friends , it should be driven by love and compassion. I truly believe in the fact that what we give to others comes back to you . But our asking is not selfless , it has greed and want . When we are driven by greed and want, love and compassion takes a backseat.

We have life situations when we want people around us to behave in certain way but they don’t, be it family , friends , strangers or loved ones. Look closely and they are also scared , deep down hurt by certain incidents . They too feel separate sometimes , when this realization comes , you let the light of love shine in your heart and see things in a different perspective. Love manifest in various forms , it dissolves us from isolation and separation ,allowing us to become more aware of ourselves. IS n’t it true that we are born out of love and finally in love we depart ? In between that we seek love and love seeks us .

Where Shall We meet?


Where Shall We Meet?

When I see the sky

Do you gaze too?

And do you see the same colors?

The same vagrancy


And when the breeze blows

Do you smell the same flowers?

When the birds sing the morning song

Do you hear the same notes?


And when the flowers dance

In the eternal love

Does your heart prance too?

As the leaves tremble in the first rain


Sometimes when I walk alone

And memories of you come knocking

I wonder where we will meet

Here or in thoughts we converge?

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On Friendship and Relationship …My unusual take


I was talking to a friend and She was upset . She was a wreck and it was painful for me to see her in that condition. Yes most of the time when we are upset it is because of the people whom we care about , family , friends or that someone special . So if you are upset about someone whom you really like and they don’t bother to reciprocate your feelings , to care about you or return your call , it is time to accept that fact . But why you are cringing and crying . Trust me that person might be busy in the following things  ( And you thought you are the one who matter them most , go smack your face …. GRRR … make sure it does not hurt much)

1) The roof of their house would have fallen and they will be busy repairing them . After all we all need a good night sleep. And yes I forgot to mention that there was a warning from the meteorological department of a looming sandstorm .  Oh , you definitely don’t want your friend staring at you with sand in his/her eyes …Ouuchhh it hurts….very very much .. Go please wash your face with cold water…Splashing alternately on your eyes.

2) You are waiting for them to call back and they are busy making money … Honey what is life without some penny. You want them to gift a Louis Vuitton or Prada . And then you expect them talking to you . Hello , Have not someone told in the school that we can earn money only through hard work and dedication ? Ohhh I forgot that you were sitting in the last bench ..And you were not paying attention at all ?? Oh because of these back benchers only School is such a booming business ..

3) They must be busy distributing food , clothing and medicines to the needy people in the flood affected areas of Uttaranchal or the recent earthquake that happened in Sierre Leone  .Don’t ask me where is Sierre Leone ? It is not my fault that you were not paying attention in the Geography class . But you can complain that you never knew that your friend was such a big humanitarian . Check to see if he/she descended from the 12 Apostles of Peace and humanity.

4) They must love you with all their heart but you cannot fathom their madness .And in order to get over you they would have drowned 2-3 bottles of Pinot Grigio or Vodka . And you thought your friend was Sober ?  What were you ? Drunk ?

5)They were enjoying a content life in the lap of nature and you came barged into their lives bringing emotion and sob story , oh you are sounding so needy now . Go take a break and if not drown yourself in the nearest well or river.

So , if you are still reading this and laughing with all your guts , You are surely not a loser . There are more better things to do in this world than crying over someone who was never yours . So . now when you have started thinking like an evolved Homo Sapien. Go change the world , otherwise that ape staring at you is going to eat all your bananas . And at that time don’t cry that I did not warn you …..

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Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you. Loretta Young
Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.
Loretta Young

Happy Valentine day to all my Readers. Love is a great feeling, whatever said about it is not sufficient. A poem dedicated to unrequited love , for sometimes you cannot have whom you love the most.

It happens just one day

The person you love walks past you

Like a faint fragrance she lingers

And you don’t know what to do.


You  dream for her honey laced voice

Her tussore touch  and dimpled smile

Holding her hand under the azure sky

And counting the waves.


The memories tug your heart

For she was the one you loved

She is a dream , she is a mirage

She is a song that plays in your heart.

A party to remember

A party in the night

Under the candle light

Food, laughter and the sparkling eyes

There are some days when I am just running out of groceries in my kitchen and I am in dilemma what to cook for dinner . And some sudden frequented showers in Bangalore and the temperature dips considerably. To top it all having a bad cold makes things worse  and you don’t feel like going out from the warmth of my home.

And yes next day the school is their so the child needs to sleep early too . Mom suggested why not make egg curry and I smiled reluctantly , ” Yes good idea Maa ” . But then my mind started thinking , ” Why not innovate and cook something different ? ” I  asked feebly looking for her affirmation . She remarked , ” Yes , Ok , make whatever you want and then we will make the Rotis ”

I was happy that she agreed . And my mind started working on how I will make the curry . I just had few basic things in the kitchen onions, tomatoes and some capsicums. And yes not to forget the eggs sitting pretty in my oversized refrigerator .

I used to love egg curry but used to hate the yolk which will be dense , hard and gluggy and almost every time  that was the one which will go in the bin. I decided why not cook something so that we can devour both the white and yellow part . So , I diced some red and green capsicum , some onions and tomatoes . The diced capsicum was whisked with six eggs . And then I added some mozzarella , salt and oregano . It was whisked again resulting in a frothy concoction.



I heated the pan , added some butter  and quickly  spread it evenly all over the pan . I poured the egg mixture and then closed it with a lid . After two minutes when you take out the lid , the omelet would have  swelled and cooked in the steam. Take it out nicely and cut into small squares and let it cool . The pieces will be really thick and the mozzarella adds nice zing to the omelet. Now make a gravy of tomato and onions , with some curry powder , garam masala and your favorite spices. In india every home has their own recipe of curry powder which they will use in their curries. Once the curry starts boiling you put the omelet squares in the curry and let is simmer for two minutes.


The curry is ready to be served with hot rotis or parathas. In my home it was served and enjoyed in a nice candle light. The rain and the mist added an extra zing to the dinner. And Mr Smiley made sure that we enjoyed this dinner with lots of laughter and love . It is always nice to bond with your family over food , food cooked with love not only satiates your hunger but your soul too. And not to forget the dinner was enjoyed to the last bit with  lot of adulation pouring from the hubby and parents. It made by day .. 🙂

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Maria’s room

maria's room

Maria’s room is written by Shreekumar Varma , who happen to be a noted author , playwright , newspaper columnist and poet.

This book I got last year and was planning to read from long time . Finally was able to finish it few days book and I am glad I did it. Maria’s room offers you a heady concoction of goa’s carelessness , the expectancy of monsoon mixed with the impatience of unrequited love . The opening of the book is spectacular and I would rate five stars to the way goa has been captured in monsoon .

The melancholics of local life , the pregnant skies and the rolling waves mixed with the deluge of travelers who want to bask in the glory of  I-care-damn attitude provides an apt background for the love story of Maria and Marcel. The protagonist Raja Prasad , an author from Chennai trying to run from his father and maybe from himself finds refuge in one of the hotels in Goa . Later when he shifts to Maria’s guesthouse , he meets Lorna and falls in love with him . As the book progresses you realize the wretchedness love offers . The expectancy of monsoon and the swelling oceans complements the fidgetiness of  tormented lovers. The two love stories happening at two different points of time differ only in their treatment . Does Raja Prasad can conquer his inner demons ? What happened to Maria and Marcel ? Why the book is called Maria’s Room ?

The book captures the beauty of goa , the sights , smells of the rain. The peculiar habits  which people have , Raja Prasad’s dislike for the non vegetarian food and the intoxication which the monsoon y goa offers . The protagonist blends effortlessly in the carefree ambiance of Feni and music but through peeps the secrets of past keep haunting the present . Does the shadows of past reflect on the present too ?

The vivid poetry of Goa’s languidness and the turbulence of rains  complements the mysticism of man’s desires and love . My only lament was that writer also seems to loose his track of plot while wandering in the poetry of Goa just like a boy left wondering in the toy shop ? Was this a planned diversion , a planned wandering  like a besotted tourist who looses his track of time  ?   I felt that the plot of the book was bit hurried and the author would have spent more time in building the story .But for the love of Goa and the excellent narrative which book offers its readers , i will rate this book 4 out of 5 stars . The poignancy of the forlorn love story seeps into the past and present and makes it a Must Read.

Mahashivratri and it’s significance

A few days back we celebrated Mahashivratri , a festival celebrated by hindus and its followers all over the world . Mahashivratri marks the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti , both of them represent the  supreme masculine and feminine energy .


Maha Shivratri is celebrated on the Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi of Hindu calendar month Maagh which falls in February or March as per the English calendar. Of the twelve Shivaratris in the year, the MahaShivarathri is the most powerful. According to some legends , Lord Shiva also performed the cosmic dance , Tandava on this day . Another story tells that when poison came out during churning of the sea , it was Lord Shiva who decided to drink that poison to save the world from its ill effects . With his yogic powers he was able to withheld the poison in his neck . His whole body turned blue and that ‘s why he is also called Neelkanth.

Lord shiva is the supreme among all gods . He is the limitless , unchanging and formless. He is the ascetic who lives in Mount kailasa , he is also the householder who lives with his wife Parvati and sons Ganesha and Kartik. The patron god of yoga and arts , his mysticism intrigues his disciples all over the world . He is beyond everything and that is why he is referred as Parbrahma.

Lord shiva is also refered as unborn , he has always been there , he appears by his own energy , he is the wind which blows on us , he is the water which quenches our thirst and the earth which gives shelter to us .He is the cosmic manifestation of all these . He does not have any beginning and nor any end .

On this festival of Mahashivratri , May lord Shiva bless you with peace, prosperity and a limitless energy which will help you lead a life of happiness and contentment. And as I always say May we find the greater purpose of life for which we are born for .


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extrapolated in your arms
Needs no boundaries

Love is the most sublime feeling which we experience in our life . From the time we are born till we breath our last . Have we ever thought what will happen if we are devoid of love , we  will become zombies. Love gives a purpose to our life and a direction to the ship sailing in this vast ocean . It is like a force which protect us from unforeseen events , guiding us in dark days and giving a hope for the future . Love has the power to conquer the insurmountable , it is like a guiding angel which help us to overcome any obstacles .

A life empty of love is not worth living . It is like a desert . So , hold on to your loved ones they will always be there for you no matter what . Seasons come and go but people who love you truly are always there for you,you just need to remember them in your heart.  And they will come looking for you . No boundaries of time , religion , money  stands in a way when your love is pious.

Sharing a famous poem by Maya Angelou

We, unaccustomed to courage

exiles from delight

live coiled in shells of loneliness

until love leaves its high holy temple

and comes into our sight

to liberate us into life.

Love arrives

and in its train come ecstasies

old memories of pleasure

ancient histories of pain.

Yet if we are bold,

love strikes away the chains of fear

from our souls.

We are weaned from our timidity

In the flush of love’s light

we dare be brave

And suddenly we see

that love costs all we are

and will ever be.

Yet it is only love

which sets us free.