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It’s a small world.


It was one of those hot days , hot because it was still march.  The year was 1992 when  my annual exams were going to start in a week . One of my cousin from my mother’s side was fixed for a meeting with a prospective life partner .

Her name was Nidhi and I found her very good looking with a mole just above her lips and silky , shiny hair . She was all ready bathed , adorned in a mustard yellow saree chosen from my mother’s wardrobe and matching jewelry . There was commotion all around with variety of preparations at home for the groom and the family , home getting sprayed and scented with dad’s favorite perfume . And a bunch of flowers from the garden daisies ,cosmos , dahlia adorning one of the corner of the living room in a vase which my mother has supposedly picked from a trip to Darjeeling .

Soon the groom arrives with the family and my mother ask us to go and sit in the corner room. We could hear some muffled sounds , laughter and then the silence . Nidhi asks me to peek at the groom and though hesitant , i was curious how he looks  and the overall demeanor.  He was tall , lanky wearing specs and dressed in off white pants and a maroon shirt. He looked affable and found him handsome at my first evaluation .

After the snacks , tea was over it was time to meet  Nidhi with Anil . Yes I forgot to tell you the groom’s name was Anil Gupta . Everybody leaves the room so that they can talk to each other . Few hours  back when I was talking to Nidhi , i just wanted to know what are the things which she is looking in her  partner . And she starts that I want someone who can be friend , being faithful to her feelings , someone who loves reading and travelling and gives her own  space. And have mutual respect for each other ideas . I said , ” Amen Nidhi , you will get someone like that ”  After almost one hour when Nidhi finishes her talk and emerges from the room I found her reflective and in a pensive mood. With an inquisitive smile I ask  her hesitantly , ” So how did it go , and what you guys spoke to each other ?” Did you like him ? And I see her eyes on the verge of shedding tears .. I was troubled , apologetic too , ” Sorry don’t bother , You don’t need to tell me anything if you don’t like ” . Nidhi said , ” No no , actually , I did not like him , I felt that he is scrutinizing me , asking so many questions , was it some kind of interview or what ?”

After almost two months since this incident we were slated to go and attend marriage function in Patna . Nidhi was also supposed to come there with my uncle and aunt and we were excited that we will get to spend some time together . So , on the day of reception when we were all dressed up in our best attire and Nidhi was dressed up in a chiffon pink salwar suit and was looking ravishing. We were having good time with family and friends , suddenly i see a familiar face walking towards us . And , Lo this is none other than but Mr . Anil Gupta . And the first thing which crosses my mind , ” So what on earth he is doing here ? ” After exchanging friendly hellos he asks me politely if he can speak to my cousin in isolation. Mr.  Anil  Gupta happens to be the first cousin of the bride whose marriage function we came to attend .

And though Nidhi was signalling me to stay , i just walk away to give them some time . After almost 2 years of dating from their second meeting , they get married in a grand ceremony and soon get blessed with a beautiful daughter .They still happens to be one of the most loving couple I know.

Whenever I think of this incident , my mind hums , ” IT’S A SMALL WORLD “.

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