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Where Shall We meet?


Where Shall We Meet?

When I see the sky

Do you gaze too?

And do you see the same colors?

The same vagrancy


And when the breeze blows

Do you smell the same flowers?

When the birds sing the morning song

Do you hear the same notes?


And when the flowers dance

In the eternal love

Does your heart prance too?

As the leaves tremble in the first rain


Sometimes when I walk alone

And memories of you come knocking

I wonder where we will meet

Here or in thoughts we converge?

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A morning walk

I love the promise of a new day , the optimism each morning offers . Morning conveys that there is a light after darkness , hope after failure , a new beginning after a bitter end .Morning is the solace of night , a  harbinger of hope . I love morning because of its purity , the expectancy it sets in every heart . I love the sight when the alluring light of the sun fades the darkness of night , when the birds and myriad fauna wakes up and goes in search of their daily food. Morning is the reminder of life’s beginning , that we can start afresh in our life .

Morning_Walk_1 The best part of getting up in the morning is that you can spend some time with nature . It is the time of the day when the birds , flowers , trees wakes up with a renewed vigor . They are bursting with positive energy .I am blessed that I live with a lake tucked behind my apartment. A walk in the morning hour helps me to connect with nature and my inner self . The gentle sound of wind swaying your hair , the chirping of the birds and the blossoming of flowers adds to the divinity.  And when there is calmness all around you , you can pay more attention to the call of your inner self . Some of the pics during one of these walk: