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Conditions Apply

holding hands

I am what I am

Not the one you want to see

I come with my own

Light and darkness

And that’s what makes me apart

Friendship is pious and unconditional

The sacred thread that binds two souls

A beacon in the dark alleys

Illuminating the treacherous path of life

Don’t tag with Conditions Apply

PS : Some thoughts on friendship and relations . Sometimes we overburden our lives with our expectations and ideologies and make our life complicated . Why is that we always tag our relationship with our preconceived notions . Let us be uncomplicated and veer towards love and happiness. If you want to call somebody , call them now , don’t wait for them to call you back , if you want to say I love you , do it now .If you have done something wrong say it now and say that you regret it.


I am also down with fever and cold , need your warm words and some TLC 🙂

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