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Wake up …


A dark night passed away

Drumming and thrumming

The rain had pelted on the trees

Weary leaves gave away

Strewn on the path

Like broken dreams


The lotus buds are asleep

Still weary with the thrashing

They had drink enough

Sloshed till their necks


Wilted and tired

Hanging their heads

They don’t want to get up

Weary with cold


Dark clouds have turned amber

Sun is smiling with a glee

Birds and bees are swarming

Humming in the morning breeze


Wake up my little buds

The trees had strung festoons

Glistening with gaiety

Greeting in your abode


Don’t be shy like a new bride

Morning has bought a new light

Sparrows are chirping, chiding

Wake up my little buds

We all are singing in delight.






Let the memories dry

In the night skies

Hung in the wires of time

Away from the prying eyes


When the breeze blows

And they reminisce the past stories

You just snuggle them

In the warmth of your embrace


But don’t press hard

They might crinkle or crank

Just sing few lullabies

And make them sleep


When the morning dawns

And the sky glows in the golden light

Let those memories anchor you

In the promise of new future.


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Truly Alive

When I wake up in the morning
My son sleeping besides
Innocent and pious
I remember my blessings
A walk by the lake
And watching the sun
Spread the colors of life
I thank God for the new morning
The birds and the bees
They sing and hum
I hear their music
And all my weariness fades away
In the siesta
When dear ones call
And they laugh on my stories
I feel gratified
When I write
And my words inspire
Finds a way in the reader’s heart
I feel truly alive.

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