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Don’t hold , forgive and move on….

Quote 3

I was having a conversation with my mother and we were talking about an incident which happened with a close friend and this girl is not able to get over that incident. She was very hurt and she keeps thinking about that and not able to come out of it. We tried in many ways to make her understand that there is no point in thinking about something which we cannot control. And She somehow got the point.

And in the morning while going through the emails and my FB page, I came across this quote and I loved it totally . Each word shines like a gold.

Life is challenging and most of the times it never goes the way we would have planned . And  we get offended by people whom we love the most family , friends , spouse , children.

So what should you do ? Do you keep thinking over the spilled milk?

Visualize a very ordinary incident from our day to day life . Its morning time. And your child spilled the glass of milk over the sofa. So, there are two choices either you act as if  nothing happened (eh just frown ) catch the nearest towel and put it over to dry the spilled milk and console your Son , ” Darling its perfectly ok , Mamma is here” . And the sympathetic child smiles back. Yeah you saved yourself two precious hour.

If you would have decided to react. Then the child would have cried for almost an hour , sulking and cribbing. He misses the school bus . And in all these if you would have decided to drop him in the morning Bangalore traffic , your precious morning 2 hours would have gone in jiffy . Not to forget the entire day you would have been lagging back.

Relationships are also like soured milk. If you are guilty , then you should try to reach an amend . Only the brave people has the courage to seek forgiveness. But after the third attempt , if your apology is not accepted , then its time to move on. Forgive them and move on with your life . What you wish for others comes back to you in one form or another. The universe after all echoes our sentiments. As someone has rightly put people who mind does not matter and people who matter will not mind.