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By the lake – An event on World Water Day

On 22nd March , it was World Water day . I spent the evening along with like minded people to raise awareness about water sustainability and the importance and preservation of lakes around the Sarjapura area .  My friend , Shubha Ramachandran  had organized the event  at the banks of Kasavanhalli lake .Shubha is a Water sustainability expert and has been working extensively to implement rain water harvesting at many location in and around Bangalore.

I have been staying in Sarjapura area for almost a decade and i was taken aback when I visited this beautiful lake . Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have and for experiencing the same nature we travel hundreds of miles to be a part of it. Here is a shot from the lake , where we were having such an interesting discussion. The sun rays streaming down gives an ethereal feeling to the whole ambiance


There was a discussion on the lakes around the whole area and how they are inter connected  and their survival is essential for the survival of whole eco-system . When there is illegal construction in and around the lake bed , we actually kill the lakes ultimately as through that area the lake actually gets the rain water. There was a poem recital where the volunteers recited poems of different authors . The event was being coordinated by author Nandita Bose  and she was at her eloquent self . I had also written a poem for the recital and everyone present loved it. I wrote it in just a couple of minutes and did not have the time to think about the title too.

After the recital and discussion there was a painting competition for kids and definitely the theme was Water . I and a Painter Friend were the judge for the same. The kids did a great job and came up with some great paintings .And we chose the best among the best as each painting was artistic and really unique. It was a great evening in the lap of nature and we enjoyed every bit of it.

Giving away the prize

This is the poem which I wrote :

The poem personifies Water and written as  monologue to us humans.

I am the deep blue sea

And the gurgling waterfall

The perennial rivers and lakes

I am the gift of the almighty

I am the ambrosia of life

I swing in the blue clouds

And travelling afar land

And I wander over the arid deserts

When I rain all eager to reach

I am embraced joyfully by mother earth

You sing , you dance and you rejoice

Everyone welcomes me with an open heart

But for your selfish ways 

You pollute , you defile

Throwing garbage in my soul

Making me the bearer of all your filth

I am the messenger of god

I am the cyclone and the Tsunami

And If you don’t mend your ways

Soon I will annihilate you all.