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Happy Women’s Day


Today is International Women’s day , celebrating the essence of being woman. My whatsapp , Facebook was jammed with messages congratulating the celebration of being woman. Yes it does feel nice when you read good things about your tribe.

But then I wonder what about the other 364 days in the calendar .Does one day celebration of Womanhood gives you the right to subjugate her for the rest of year?

Why as a wife you are always expected to cook , clean and take care of the house ? As a daughter you are asked to obey the rules what your father / brother would lay for you ? As a sister you are always escorted to your activity classes or even to the tuition centre ?

Why we don’t have the freedom to choose the career we want to take ? Why always the beaten line of doctor/ engineer ? Why you are coerced to marry at a certain age ?Why we cannot be singers, actors or dancers ?

Why we have different rules for the boys and girls in the house ? Why we are raised with such thought process that as girls we cannot do certain things?

I am not a feminist and neither I glorify womanhood . But I wonder if we cannot change our attitude toward the women in our lives what does one day of celebration will do to make their lives better.

There are countless stories of horror which happened just few days before in the world around us , Women being pulled and raped in Haryana . In Syria and other countries the plight of women is beyond horrible . The women are traded as you trade other commodities . They are sold , bought not fed for days and are forced to do all kind of manual jobs . If that’s not enough they are raped repeatedly , even kept in jails naked . This situation is not only prevalent in Syria , any country where there is unrest , the crime against women increases manifold. This was a finding done by one of the top agency of UNO.

I was reading a cover story featured in one of the very reputed magazine. It was a heart-breaking story from one of the little known town from United kingdom where almost from each house there was a woman who has been facing mental and physical abuse from the caretaker and the man of the house . These English girls are hired from small towns and poor families who cannot fed for themselves. They are underfed , asked to do all kind of manual work , physically and sexually abused . The story was gory and each of these young girls was suffering silently in pain. If this is the plight of an entire town , what will be its future ?

There can never be a perfect world , perhaps it is too far fetched, too Utopian to even think about it but one change in thought can bring a change in Someone’s life .Don’t make decisions for your wife ,lover , sister or daughter. Ask her what she wants , how she would like to shape her life.  Just because she is not physically superior than the man counterpart , you cannot make a decision for her that she cannot travel alone or go for a movie alone. Men and Women are not born to be equal but that does not imply that women cannot take their decisions on their own . A society is always known by the fact how beautifully/tenderly they treat their women , that fact heralds the real progress of the country.

Before you wish your wife , daughter , sister and your friend a “Happy Women’s day ” do ask a question to yourself did you judge her or underestimated her just because she is women ?This question might be piercing ,but it will change someone’s life for  good and that will be the true celebration of Womanhood…

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On women’s day :: A tribute to all The mothers

With my lovely mother
With my lovely mother

It was international women’s day yesterday. And my whatsapp and Facebook was bombarded with messages from friends and family . And it felt special when so many people wish you on women’s day , you do feel loved and cared . On women’s  day I take this opportunity to thank my mother and all the mothers who selflessly work day and night to bring us with so much love and care , whether remaining awake in the night when we are down with fever or saving the last morsel of our favorite food or remaining awake while we study for exams , a relation between child and mother is the most pious relationship in the world.

I share a very special bond with my mother and she is the only person in the world that I talk to every single day sharing all the humdrum things of my life . This poem I wrote while I was in class 8 and it is still written in the diary kept at home. On women’s day I revisited the poem for what I had written so many years back and I was pleased with the result. Hope you enjoy the same , do leave me few words of encouragement if it touched you in some ways.


You are the wind below my wings
The blood in my veins
The blessings in my life
And the faith in adversity.

You are the hope in despair
The flowers in my worship
The rhythm in my walk
And the music in my words

Your voice , chimes like bells
And when you sing , I forget all my pain
When I am tired or in doubt
Your words of endearment calm me down

O, My dear loving mother
You are the sacrosanct semblance of almighty
You gave me life with your blood and marrow
And bought me to this divine earth

What I am today is your vision
Your dreams and aspirations
And what I will be tomorrow
It’s the fruit of all your labour

O Maa , My dear Maa
The stream of my life
Enlighten all my life
With thy love and blessings.

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